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As we all learned in Chris’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past week, Chris apparently had a huge crush on Kristy Swanson and even sent her a letter which was later printed in Premiere magazine.

Well, thanks to Rick we’ve got the exclusive scan! You can check it out below:

Chris’s letter was in response to Kristy’s Premiere August 1992 Magazine feature which read:

After Buffy, I was thinking of going away somewhere on a vacation, but I don’t have a boyfriend, so right now it would be kind of boring.”

Any takers?

5 Comments on “Chris’s Letter to Kristy Swanson!

  1. Alid Misli

    This is so awesome!!! It feels like a time machine!!
    Who knows Pine turn to a fine actor!

    Thankx for sharing!

  2. RC

    Thanks for posting that so quick and well-designed, Carol. It’s amazing what you can find in your own archives if you dig a little. And thanks, Chris, for giving us a little insight into your personal history. Hope you and Kristy really do get a chance to meet up!

  3. Mijan

    Makes me wonder how Chris would respond to a fan letter like that addressed to him from a young fan. Think he’s still in touch with what it’s like to be on the fan side of the red carpet ropes?

  4. S@n

    WOW Carol, this is really awesome!


  5. Greg

    that’s awesome! LOL he just wanted to be her sidekick.

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