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I’ve added over 500 blu-ray captures of Chris from the 2014 sequel Horrible Bosses 2. You can view them in the gallery now.

Thanks to my friend Claudia, I have added a scan from the latest Entertainment Weekly issue featuring a preview for Chris’s upcoming film Z for Zachariah, which also includes a new never before seen still. Check it out below:

I’ve added HD captures of Chris from his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden from March 24th into the gallery along with 4 promotional stills as well.

Apologies for the late post! :)

I’ve added high quality scans of Chris from his exclusive cover issue of Sam Jone’s Off Camera Magazine which is currently available via I highly recommend the purchase, the photos are fantastic and the interview is even better. Very insightful and a great read.

You can view the scans in the gallery now.

The episode of Chris from photographer Sam Jones’ “Off Camera with” project which originally aired on DirecTV’s Audience channel back in November of last year is now avaible for those who didn’t get a chance to check it out when it first premiered.

It’s available for an affordable $0.99 via the Official Off Camera website, along with a special “Off Camera Issue with Chris Pine” featuring an exclusive 16 page limited print run and photos of Chris!

You can purchase the special issue here.

Captaining the Enterprise is one thing. Captaining a career that moved a warp speed from relative obscurity to leading man/action hero status requires navigating a universe of a different kind. It can be puzzling to go from not wanting to act at all to landing on Planet Box Office with very little experience to make calculated career decisions and deal with the ensuing fame. But Pine has done so while maintaining both a demystified view of his profession along with an almost boyish delight in his art. He talks to Off Camera about the early career decision that put him on the track to leading manhood, his thoughts on privacy (his own, and the nation’s), and how he gets through the still-awkward business of being an “actor”. * He also shares his passion for photography and angles with our host for a free camera.

I’ve added some additional shots of Chris from a previously added photo session from the 2015 Sundance Film Festival which took place earlier this year.

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