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Chris Circling Musical ‘Into the Woods’

The mere idea of Chris in the same film as Johnny Depp and the irreplaceable Meryl Streep, already has me ecstatic but add Jake into the mix, and I’m bouncing up and down from excitement. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for Chris, and I look forward to where this leads.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pine are in discussions to join Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep in Disney’s adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the Woods, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Deal-making hasn’t quite begun but the two actors met and even sang for director Rob Marshall for their respective parts and are expected to receive offers to join the star-studded cast.

If deals close, Gyllenhaal and Pine would play their first on-screen singing roles.

Into the Woods is a darkly comic mash-up of classic fairy tales that revolves around a childless baker and his wife, who attempt to lift a family curse by journeying into the woods to confront the witch that put the spell on them. Along the way, they encounter a group of characters including Rapunzel, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.

Streep will play the plum role of the vain and charismatic Witch while Depp will play a hungry and sexy variation of a fairy tale wolf.

Sources say that Gyllenhaal and Pine would play the musical’s two princes, Cinderella’s Prince and Rapunzel’s Prince, brothers who are pompous and self-absorbed.


Chris Pine: ‘I Have Plenty of Flaws’ – OUT Magazine

Check out the full article and more over at OUT.COM, including his full interview!

outtake 150x150 Chris Pine: I Have Plenty of Flaws   OUT Magazine ON THE COVER SHOOT: I really liked the photographer [Nino Muñoz]. I liked the Avedonian vibe. I’m really way into the super contrasty black and white, how then it becomes purely about architecture of the shot. I liked especially the ones where he would frame me on the right and there’d be this swath of white, and I’m crouched down in the middle, from which you could kind of make out the details of my eyes and my arms.


ON HIS BIGGEST FLAWS: [Scoffing laugh.] I mean, where to begin? Where to begin? I have plenty of them, let’s just say that.

ON WHOSE LIFE HE’D LIKE TO HAVE IN 10 YEARS: I want to have mine. To live an interesting and joyful life. It’s kind of a simple statement. I’m very aware, having passed 30—time is of the essence, it really is, and we do get one shot, and I want to embrace and eat up every fucking moment of it. And—why not? We live in a great country, for the most part. We live in a beautiful city. We’re relatively healthy. We have access to wonderful culture. We have—for the time being, at least—freedom of expression and thought and idea. And it’s like, my God, man, this is not a bad place to live. Ideas, learn, knowledge, you know—to constantly grow.

Men’s Health June 2013 Issue – Scans Added!

I’ve added 7 scans of Chris from his Men’s Health June 2013 cover issue, including an alternate cover which I don’t think is being used. This issue hits newsstands tomorrow! icon smile Mens Health June 2013 Issue   Scans Added!

thumb 001 Mens Health June 2013 Issue   Scans Added! thumb 002 Mens Health June 2013 Issue   Scans Added! thumb 005 Mens Health June 2013 Issue   Scans Added! thumb 006 Mens Health June 2013 Issue   Scans Added!

Gallery Link:
- Magazines / Publications > Men’s Health Magazine (June 2013)

Chris Covers Men’s Health June 2013

Check out Chris showing off his well earned bod on the cover of the June 2013 issue of Men’s Health magazine! You can find more Chris over at MENSHEALTH.COM

001 600x788 Chris Covers Mens Health June 2013

On working out: “I work out because that’s my job. What I enjoy about it, beyond the vanity, is the Zen of it. I like getting out of my head: One great way is to sweat your face off. I appreciate that if you’re thinking of anything else, you’re not working intensely enough.”

On being a misfit in high school: “Just looking at a girl felt awkward. When you feel like an oddball, it never really leaves you. Even now, I’m better around people who are uncomfortable with themselves, the misfits.”

On the last time he cried: “I cry all the time—at work, at the shrink’s, with my lady. The Notebook killed me. Up destroyed me. Up was like the animated Amour.”

On what to cook for a girlfriend: “Steak: Sear the meat to create a few nice lines. Know how long to grill it so you only have to flip it once.”

The June issue of Men’s Health is available on newsstands starting Tuesday, May 14th.

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Into Darkness Got Silly for Zoe Saldana

Check out the entire interview with Zoe, and bits of Chris mixed in over at SUNTIMES.COM

“We do a lot of beaming in this film,” says Saldana who plays the young Uhura, in love with Zachary Quinto’s Spock. In one key scene, she must beam herself somewhere to save his Vulcan behind.

“All the ‘beam me up Scotty’ stuff is really super funny,” she says. “They can hardly ever use the first or second take.

“I’ll start laughing. Chris Pine will laugh. Zach laughs. Even [director] J.J. Abrams will burst into laughing now and then because you’re standing there wearing the costume, perfectly still, and you have to imagine your every molecule being sent into space.


“This movie goes deeper. It’s richer. We’re really tested in a way that I don’t think the audience will see coming,” says Chris Pine, who plays James T. Kirk. The captain finally is at the helm of the Enterprise but can he keep the commando seat? Or will his brash personality and refusal to follow the rules come and bite him in his Spandex?

“Kirk is still Kirk,” Pine says. “He’s brash. He loves the ladies of all species and he has a hard time listening to authority, which is a plus and a minus in his world.”


A case in point on the “Trek” set was the day she dared to sit in the Captain Kirk chair.

“The set is bigger now. Fancier. Our budget was healthier. The captain’s chair was even better.

“I think all of us sat in the captain’s chair every now and then. Then Chris would walk across the bridge and say, ‘Can you please get out of my chair?’ ”

Chris Visits The Late Show with David Letterman (Captures & Video)

I have added 247 captures of Chris promoting Into Darkness on The Late Show with David Letterman earlier tonight. As always, thanks goes to my friend Pedro!

thumb 008 Chris Visits The Late Show with David Letterman (Captures & Video) thumb 073 Chris Visits The Late Show with David Letterman (Captures & Video) thumb 176 Chris Visits The Late Show with David Letterman (Captures & Video) thumb 199 Chris Visits The Late Show with David Letterman (Captures & Video)

Gallery Link:
- Guest Appearances > 05/10/2013 – The Late Show with David Letterman

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