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Like as I said before I’m sorry I didn’t get these up sooner, but here they are and that’s what counts. 😉 I’ve added 11 MQ and 3 HQ of Chris and Zachary (bromance <3) at the After Party For Monogomy At The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival as well as 3 MQ of Chris attending the The Mother and Child premiere at the High Line Park.

Gallery Links:
04/24/2010 – After Party For Monogomy At The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival
04/26/2010 – The Mother and Child premiere at the High Line Park

I’ve added another 2 high quality photoshoot promo’s of Chris from the Star Trek XI Promo shoot.

Gallery Link:
Photo Sessions > Session #028

I want to apologize for not updating with the latest photos of Chris out at a few events this past week. I’ve been busy and sort of unmotivated to keep up my websites lately but I promise to catch up soon as soon as I can get my new computer fully set up. I’m adjusting to Windows 7 and transferring all my files so it may be this weekend, but I promise guys! 😀

According to The Wrap, it looks like Seth Rogen and Chris Pine are both in the running to star with Reese Witherspoon in This Means War. In the film is about two best friends, inseparable since childhood, who fall in love with the same woman (Witherspoon).

The two men’s bond disintegrates and their ensuing battle escalates to mammoth proportions with New York City demolished in their wake. The site goes on to say that Rogen might take over a role in the film that was originally offered to James Franco. Aside from these rumblings, there really isn’t any solid casting news regarding the roles for this project. This Means War comes to theaters in 2011 and is being directed by McG.


Last October Paramount Pictures was in the process of locking down Star Trek star Chris Pine to play Jack Ryan, the CIA analyst character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy. Shortly thereafter Pine was officially the fourth actor to play Ryan after Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games), and Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears).

We haven’t heard much since, but a source for Pajiba has provided further details on Pine’s mission. Screenwriter Adam Cozad has stepped in to rewrite an original draft by Hossein Amini for a story that won’t be based on a Clancy novel.

The film, operating under the working title Moscow, will center on Ryan as a financial analyst to a billionaire employer in Moscow. It’s here he is framed to take the fall for a terrorist plot designed to collapse the U.S. economy. It essentially becomes a chase movie where Ryan must clear his name, prevent the terrorist attack, and save his captured wife before time runs out.

Dustin Rowles at Pajiba points out this sounds similar to Cozad’s geopolitical drama Dubai, his first script deal that sold to Lorenzo Di Bonaventura in 2007 with Star Trek villain Eric Bana attached as a producer. Other than the relocation, the two stories of a man trying to stop the collapse of the economy and prove his innocence sound extremely close.

While it’s unfortunate they aren’t returning to Clancy’s extensive library, it seems like Paramount is assembling a timely adventure for their young, rebooted franchise. Both the studio and Pine stand to reap the benefits if this becomes their second hit collaboration, so I’m curious to see who they’re lining up to direct. Sam Raimi was interested in the material before, but passed to focus on a now defunct Spider-Man 4. Maybe they can lure him back.


I’d like to thank Maple Pictures for letting me know they had posted this.

Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the DVD!

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