Chris & Jake the Movie Guy gush over Will Ferrell

Chris’s interview starts at about the 5:45 mark, after Denzel and Rosario’s. Chris is seriously adorable even though it’s a short interview. 🙂

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Chris talks about what attracted him to ‘Unstoppable’

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Chris, Rosario & Denzel on the ‘Incredible Experience’ Filming ‘Unstoppable’

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ET chatted with the stars of ‘Unstoppable’ and got them to open up about the movie, their kids and more!

“I don’t think I ever will look at a train the same way,” said Rosario Dawson, who found a new respect for railroad workers while shooting the movie.

‘Unstoppable’ revolves around a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine), who are trying to stop a runaway train carrying toxic chemicals before it derails.

“It’s really remarkable that this happened,” Rosario told us about the film, which was inspired by true events. “It’s something that’s never been done before and probably will never be done again.”

Pine told us that the story wasn’t the only remarkable part of working on the movie, calling the opportunity to work with some of his “heroes,” Denzel and director Tony Scott, “an incredible experience.”

“One of the first movies I ever watched repeatedly was ‘Top Gun’ and one of the first times I cried watching a movie was ‘Glory,’ so the two men that I can remember early on in my life making a big impact on my career were Denzel Washington and Tony,” said Chris.

During the casting process, Denzel proposed that Chris be chosen for the movie and complimented the young actor’s abilities, saying, “He’s good.”

We asked Denzel if he expected his children to follow in his footsteps.

“One of my children is an actress,” Denzel said. “She’s studying, and I told her, ‘You’re going to learn on the stage first,’ and she’s working on her first play right now.”

The Oscar winner told us that all of his children are film buffs, but he hasn’t pushed them in one direction or the other: “Whatever it is they want to do, that’s what I want them to do,” said the actor.

‘Unstoppable’ slams into theaters November 12.


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