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Chris was reportedly “Caught in the act” this week by

In the mood for a healthy meal, Kirsten Dunst stopped into L.A.’s M Café with friends. The actress ordered the California club sandwich, which features tempeh “bacon,” and also ordered a side of kale and spicy peanut sauce – all washed down with a green lemonade infused with kale. The same day, Chris Pine stopped in solo, and ordered a teriyaki bowl with black cod and extra brown rice.

According to Hollywood Outbreak, supposedly Chris is set to co-star in another film called ‘Kill Your Darlings’. I myself have not heard anything about this and since it’s the first I’ve heard I would definitely say take this with a grain of salt! 😉

It’s been reported that up-and-coming Brit star BEN WHISHAW will be joined by CHRIS PINE and JESSE EISENBERG as LUCIEN CARR, JACK KEROUAC and ALLEN GINSBERG in KILL YOUR DARLINGS, a ‘noir-ish’ telling of a murder that took place during the 50’s hey-day of the “beat generation”. We spoke with WHISHAW recently and he talked about the film and how reports of it’s actually happening might have been a bit premature

This is my Christmas present to all my awesome visitors, and fellow Chris fans. I had intended on doing this on Christmas but it understandably got pushed to the side, but I am here now.

I’ve updated the entire Cliff Watts photoshoot from the original medium quality sizes to high quality. Believe me, no matter how many times you’ve seen them they are much more enticing in high quality 😉

Gallery Links:
Photo Sessions > Session #022

The date this was taken is unknown to me so I’m going to take a wild guess and say this took place last year. Nonetheless you can easily see Chris having a kick ass time with his former girlfriend and friend, Beau Garrett. You can look at the captures of Chris with Beau from the costume party dressed as a cowboy. A very sexy cowboy at that. 😉

Credit for the video goes to

Gallery Link: Web Videos > Unknown – Costume Party
Video Link: > Watch Video

Phew! After 2 long months of first creating this design and coding it in my spare time I have finally, finally! Gotten around to putting this baby up. I’m so happy to have it finally up and going as I’m a huge fan of this design myself and I find the set up is more sophisticated and easier to browse than the last design. Those of you who are a stickler for detail might notice the banner changes between two of his GQ ‘Man of the Year’ photos 😉

You can also find a brand spankin’ new matching design on our very extensive photo archive as well so be sure to check that out too!

Feel free to share you thoughts!

I wanted to make sure no one freaks out if they see things looking a little wonky on the site in the next few days. I’ve been working on a new design for a month now and it’s almost ready to be put up but the last thing that needs to be changed is the sidebar and it will effect the design currently in use significantly so I wanted to let everyone know that yes I’m aware and it should all look as it should shortly.

Also I will be doing a huge make over on the forum come the new year, so for those of you who have joined and have yet to be approved just sit tight and you’ll be able to join the new forum. Yes, I said new forum. I’ll be installing a new forum script for various reasons and therefore allowing for a more friendly (not that friendliness is our issue) and user friendly environment for us Pine Nuts!

So sight tight and keep your eyes peeled. 😉