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The date this was taken is unknown to me so I’m going to take a wild guess and say this took place last year. Nonetheless you can easily see Chris having a kick ass time with his former girlfriend and friend, Beau Garrett. You can look at the captures of Chris with Beau from the costume party dressed as a cowboy. A very sexy cowboy at that. 😉

Credit for the video goes to

Gallery Link: Web Videos > Unknown – Costume Party
Video Link: > Watch Video

Phew! After 2 long months of first creating this design and coding it in my spare time I have finally, finally! Gotten around to putting this baby up. I’m so happy to have it finally up and going as I’m a huge fan of this design myself and I find the set up is more sophisticated and easier to browse than the last design. Those of you who are a stickler for detail might notice the banner changes between two of his GQ ‘Man of the Year’ photos 😉

You can also find a brand spankin’ new matching design on our very extensive photo archive as well so be sure to check that out too!

Feel free to share you thoughts!

I wanted to make sure no one freaks out if they see things looking a little wonky on the site in the next few days. I’ve been working on a new design for a month now and it’s almost ready to be put up but the last thing that needs to be changed is the sidebar and it will effect the design currently in use significantly so I wanted to let everyone know that yes I’m aware and it should all look as it should shortly.

Also I will be doing a huge make over on the forum come the new year, so for those of you who have joined and have yet to be approved just sit tight and you’ll be able to join the new forum. Yes, I said new forum. I’ll be installing a new forum script for various reasons and therefore allowing for a more friendly (not that friendliness is our issue) and user friendly environment for us Pine Nuts!

So sight tight and keep your eyes peeled. 😉 reports:

Stan Lee, Baron Davis and Chris Pine at The Gersh Agency’s special cocktail reception at West Hollywood’s Sunset Towers on Thursday to introduce the industry to entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother of 5 Cynthia Stafford’s new feature film production company Queen Nefertari Productions.

Breakout Stars of 2009: A look at the fresh faces who made their mark in movies, TV, and music, including Glee diva Lea Michele, new Star Trek captain Chris Pine, and actor-turned-rapper Drake.


I’m aware I’m a little late in posting this since the auction has already ended but, I feel it’s still worth a mention in my opinion. :)

Chris has personalized and signed an art print from the Shepard Fairey “Love United Auction. The proceeds go to a good cause – FAIR, started by Shepard Fairey, the celebrated street artist and creator of the now ubiquitous Obama HOPE image. Fairey designed these pieces called ‘DEFEND EQUALITY LOVE UNITES’ which has become a unifying symbol of the post-Proposition 8 struggle for marriage equality.

You can view the auction page for this item here