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A couple weeks after “Star Trek” opened with a $75 million first weekend and Chris Pine went from largely unknown actor to global superstar, the 29-year-old actor found himself a target of the paparazzi, who convinced there was something going on between him and “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge.

A couple weeks ago, MTV News honored Chris as one of the people we’re most thankful for in 2009, and during a wide-ranging conversation about the “Trek” franchise and the future of his career, talk inevitably turned to one thing Chris ain’t so happy about in 2009: those pesky photogs that targeted him earlier in the year.

“I certainly despise them with all my soul,” he said.

As prepared for the intrusion as he was before the blockbuster success of “Trek,” Chris admitted there’s truly no way to prepare for the reality of paps staking out your home and waiting to snap snap snap as soon as you emerge into daylight.

“In terms of the private life stuff, I understood what would or could happen because of my involvement in something so big, but you don’t really understand it until it starts happening and people are waiting outside your house,” he said. “And I live in an apartment on a busy street. It was pretty brutal when the movie first came out, and then it dies down and the paparazzi lose their interest and go after the next flavor of the day.”

For all the hassle of increased media attention on his personal life, Chris characterized the tabloid spotlight as a fair trade-off, or as he put it, “the deal with the devil you make.”

“I would say that artistically it’s been everything I wanted,” he continued.” ‘Star Trek’ has afforded me the luxury of choice in terms of what I want to do and where I want to take my career,” he said. “I don’t know how long that will last for, but certainly right now I’m enjoying that immensely.”


I’ve uploaded 3 photos of Chris from his photoshoot for the December GQ ‘Man of the Year’ issue. These are merely medium quality previews but the high quality resolution photos will be posted later this coming week, so stay tuned.

Gallery Link: Photo Sessions > Session #029

Unless actor Jeremy Renner is getting his information from a parallel universe, it’s sounding likely that Hawkeye has a role in Marvel’s upcoming movie slate. Still, even Renner is quick to admit that while he’s discussed the role with Marvel, he’s not a lock for the part.

Assuming the role exists and is still available, it’s worth wondering what type of actor would be best-suited for Clint Barton. I don’t think the part requires an action hero body, though an athletic physique is a must. Barton also has to be equal parts charming and arrogant without sacrificing his heroic qualities — and he’s got to be awesome with a bow and arrow, but that’s where pre-production training comes in!

Keeping those prerequisites in mind, I think the following five actors would be right on the mark for Hawkeye.

CHRIS PINE: If his “Star Trek” daddy can play Thor, why can’t James Kirk himself play Clint Barton? After all, Chris Pine was one of the earliest rumored contenders for Hal Jordan in “Green Lantern” — a rumor that the actor quickly dispelled — but maybe he was just on the wrong side of the comic book aisle. Pine easily satisfies all of my personal qualifications for Hawkeye, though he has the added bonus of bringing a youthful presence to “The Avengers,” something that the movie likely needs.

They also list Bradley Cooper, James Marsden, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner as the other four actors who they think are best to play the role of Hawkeye. You can check out the entire article here:

While the Paramount Vantage thriller CARRIERS (see our review here) is slated for a DVD release on December 29th (pre-order here), the rental market will get an early peek starting next Tuesday. The film has been scheduled for a December 8th rental release, with the title being made available through most DVD and/or digital rental channels. The film had a limited theatrical run back in September that bypassed most major markets (see story here) after being buzzed-about for over a year.

In a recent FANGORIA RADIO interview, filmmakers Alex Pastor and David Pastor revealed details on their next foray into genre fare, including their own take on the vampire/werewolf genre. Click here for details on that, and check out the latest trailer for CARRIERS below.


Star Trek’s Chris Pine was looking for a challenge. Then two of them arrived. Making the decision helped him clarify his goals — and changed his career

You’ve been great in ungreat things. Your career has had few opportunities. And then you’re offered two big jobs. Two different jobs. One is suited to your talents and ambitions; it is your vision of yourself. The other will make you gobs of money.

How can a man choose between self-satisfaction and well-being? Between two different versions of success? Two jobs, two women, two investments: It’s always like this. The two elements you most desire, split down different paths.

Chris Pine had a week to decide between the two jobs. And the 28-year-old actor agonized, because, well, the pinnacle of his career to that point had been The Princess Diaries 2. Not even the original! But now two movie studios wanted him: He could take a role as a disgusting, chemically imbalanced detective in the kind of gritty, actor-driven gig he’d dreamed of. Or he could play James T. Kirk in a Star Trek prequel. The character is uncomplicated. William Shatner already claimed it. Pine would be wearing spandex. But man, it’s a big movie. Big and career changing.

And he was afraid of choosing. He often is. We all are, with decisions like this. You look at each choice and weigh the regret of not going for it. Catch yourself the next time you do this: You aren’t looking forward because you’re too busy imagining what it’ll feel like to look backward, wondering what you should have done instead.

“I think the most dangerous word in the English language is should,” Pine says. “I should have done this. Or I should do that. Should implies responsibility. It connotes demand. Which is just not the case. Life ebbs and flows.” But he has still spent his life fighting the word. He can’t always forget it. So when the two jobs were offered, he talked it over with everyone he could, and spent a lot of time by himself, wondering what he should do.