Hollywood Stars, Coast Guard Heroes Attend ‘The Finest Hours’ Boston Premiere

Stars come out for ‘The Finest Hours’ screening in Boston

Stars come out for ‘The Finest Hours’ screening in Boston

BostonGlobe.com — The director and a few of the stars of “The Finest Hours” were in attendance at AMC Boston Common Thursday for a Disney-hosted special screening of the big-budget, made-in-Massachusetts movie.

Clad in attire decidedly drier than the togs they wear in the high-seas adventure, Chris Pine and Casey Affleck joined director Craig Gillespie, screenwriter Scott Silver, and producers Dorothy Aufiero and Jim Whitaker to promote the film about the Coast Guard’s dramatic, real-life rescue off the Cape Cod coast in 1952.

Pine pointed to “the endurance of going through it, dealing with the cold, and the discomfort” as the toughest part of making the film. “Obviously, what those guys went through was so real and so difficult, and to have a little taste of it was a small price to pay to be able to tell this story.”

Shot around Quincy, Chatham, and elsewhere on the South Shore, the movie stars Pine as Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber, whose crew helped save the lives of more than 30 men on board an oil tanker torn in half by the ferocity of a winter nor’easter.

For Pine, “the sheer facts of the story” set it apart from other potential projects. “It was four men on a 36-foot boat in the dead of winter, going against extreme cold, rain, sleet, snow, and they went out in dangerous waters in a terrible storm, to rescue these people and got back to shore with only one fatality.”

Affleck, who stars as the tanker’s first assistant engineer, believes it’s crucial to keep bringing tales of true heroism to the big screen.

“I don’t have anything against superhero movies,” Affleck said, smiling. “It’s important that these kinds of movies are made, and that we don’t give ourselves over entirely to explosions and violence.”

“Perhaps the most surprising thing about [the shoot] was that a nor’easter came while we were making it,” Whitaker said, laughing. “Most times when you’re making a movie like this, a storm comes and you’re upset, because you have to take time off, but we welcomed the storm. We took full advantage.”

Real-life heroes from the Coast Guard attended Thursday’s screening, including Rear Admiral Linda Fagan, Commander, First Coast Guard District; Air Station Cape Cod’s Petty Officer 3d Class Evan Staph, Distinguished Flying Cross recipient; and Petty Officer 2d Class Derrick Suba, Air Medal recipient. Also there were Casey Sherman and Michael J. Tougias, whose nonfiction book is the basis for the movie, which opens Friday.

New Portrait Session

New Portrait Session

Chris posed for a new portrait session this month while promoting his new film The Finest Hours. He looks great, don’t ya think? 🙂

Chris Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Good Morning America

I should have captures of Chris from all if not most of his recent television appearances soon. In the meantime, you can view the photos in our gallery now.

Chris Attends ‘The Finest Hours’ Los Angeles Premiere

Chris Attends ‘The Finest Hours’ Los Angeles Premiere

Chris joined the cast took to the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of the The Finest Hours in Los Angeles, California on January 25th. You can check out tons of photos from the event in our gallery now.

Entertainment Weekly #AnswerTime with Chris Pine

In case you missed it Chris did an exclusive fan question and answer on Entertainment Weekly’s official Tumblr page earlier today. You can check out all the questions and his answers below!

Hi Chris, what is your favourite breakfast food?
Well today I had a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino.

Is there one particular line or scene in the movie that resonated with you?
When Bernie Webber says: “You gotta go out, but you don’t gotta come back in.” It speaks to the selflessness of the first responders.

What’s your favourite flavour starburst?
The orange ones

Huge fan, Chris. Which TV series are you currently watching? Thanks.
Just finished The Americans. Loved it. About to move on to season four of Homeland, and eagerly looking forward to Game of Thrones.

How many souls did you have to sell to get the shade of your eyes?
I’m a soul saver, not a soul killer.

what’s the biggest challenge about filming a movie that’s based on a true story?
Doing justice to the people that actually lived these stories.

Doing justice to the people that actually lived these stories.
I always rank my Chrises alphabetically.

Chris, what was it like filming such an intense movie? I can’t wait to see it in theatres Love you, btw!
Love you. It was probably the hardest shoot I’ve done. I don’t think anyone likes to be cold, wet and miserable but keeping in mind what all those guys went through years ago kept my actorly complaints in check.

Hello Chris. Apples or Grapes?

Name your three favourite films
The first ones that come to mind are: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Bugsy Malone and the potential remake of Top Gun.

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