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Latest Gallery Additions — Action star Chris Pine is willing to train with weights, give up pasta, and slather his body in makeup for a role. But he won’t touch his eyebrows. “When I first started out, everyone thought they were too much. In my first job, they dyed them. Then another tried to pluck them, and that looked awful. Now I won’t let them touch my eyebrows,” says Pine. The actor and new face of Armani Code fragrance hopped on the phone to tell us about the rest of his grooming routine.

You’ve been rocking a beard lately. What’s your typical grooming routine like?
“I really like the ritual of shaving. I like getting the perfect brush and finding the right sandalwood soap. The act of shaving, though, is not fun. I like beards and the ease of them.”

How do you groom a grown-out beard?
“It’s about finding the right beard brush. I was out of town recently and got a shoe-brush polisher for my beard. It’s a bit rougher than usual, but it’s good at shaping it. I could talk beard all day.”

You have to wear makeup a lot for your job. Anything you do to keep your face clear?
“I have such awful skin; it doesn’t matter what magic serum they think they’re putting on—I’ll usually break out. For me, it’s good to wash my face afterward and take a washcloth to remove the residual makeup before I end up on the couch. I’ve used Dr. Hauschka for years.”

Any products you’ve stolen from the women in your life?
“Argan oil. A woman was putting oil on her skin after a day in the sun, and we got to talking. It’s great for your skin and hair.”

Any favorite treatments?
“Massages, for sure. I like a deep sports massage—a casual beating up. I try to get them whenever I can, usually more if I’m getting in shape for a role.”

You’re the new face of Armani Code. What do you like about that fragrance?
“I like that it’s complex and builds and shapes itself as you wear it. It’s got a lighter, floral top note, then nice base notes. I’m a big fan of sandalwood and tobacco smells and what it becomes toward the end.”

Do you remember your first fragrance?
“It was when I was 13 or 14 and starting to look at girls. I remember it was all about what the girls are going to like. As I got older it became more about what I was comfortable in. The big ones when I was a kid were CKOne and Cool Water. Those were the jam.”

What makes a good fragrance?
“It should be an extension of yourself—like a good piece of clothing or a well-tailored suit. It’s something that either defines a part of you or all of you.”

How do you like a woman to smell?
“It’s more about how she wears a scent. I like a fragrance that you notice and want to find out more about—get a bit closer. I don’t want to walk in and be jolted awake by someone’s smell. Naturally, I like smoky, woody, earthy scents.”

Have you ever had to get a spray tan or wear body makeup for a scene?
“They’ll usually give you a once-over with sponges and dark makeup to make you look less Waspy. I don’t think twice about it. It’s part of the gig, and having a tan certainly makes you look better, even if it’s gross.”

What’s your go-to diet and exercise routine for getting in shape fast?
“It depends. For the last Star Trek, I wanted to be a bit bigger and chunkier. I ate a lot and worked out religiously. I do yoga, boxing, circuit training, and weight lifting. I have a high metabolism so I always have food in my refrigerator and pack snacks with me.”

Any indulgences you give up?
“I couldn’t eat as much pasta as I normally like to eat. It’s all about a high-calorie diet and not a lot of empty carbs. But it’s not like I’m getting into jacked Wolverine shape. I cheat all the time.” — Highland Film Group has added the reconfigured Chris Pine comedy Mantivities to its ambitious slate and is talking to buyers on the Croisette.

Pine wrote the screenplay and will produce the story with Sarah Babineau, Haven Entertainment’s Kevin Mann and Jordana Mollick.

Mantivities centres on a group of men who try to instil responsibility in their pal, a former child star, by taking him on a day of activities.

The film will also star real-life friends Robert Baker, Ian Gotler, Will Greenberg, Drew Howerton, and Tony Liebetrau – collectively known as The Button Factory.

16:14 Entertainment’s US-based business partner Sycamore Entertainment Group led by CEO Edward Sylvan will co-finance the project with Locmatel.

Val Hill and Ian McGloin of 16:14 Entertainment are the executive producers with Locomatel CEO Olivier Rossmann, Haven Entertainment’s Mauricio Betancur and Brendan Bragg.

“Rarely does a script depict such raw and hilarious male friendships while maintaining real truth and emotion at its core,” said Highland CEO Arianne Fraser and president of international sales Delphine Perrier.

“Using their real life camaraderie, the Mantivities writers have created a universally appealing story that audiences will love and we couldn’t be more pleased to work with Chris and the rest of this fantastic team.”

Mantivities was previously set up at Waterstone. — After a 12-year absence, Chris Pine will return this summer to the Williamstown Theatre Festival, starring opposite Lauren Ambrose in a revival of Sam Shepard’s two-hander Fool for Love.

Directed by Daniel Aukin, the 1983 play is a volatile match between two former lovers holed up in a seedy motel on the edge of the Mojave Desert as they tear each other apart over the many failings of their relationship while struggling to understand whether they can live apart. The production runs July 24 through Aug. 3 on the Nikos Stage.

Chris stopped by the Daybreak studios on January 20th to promote his latest film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit while in London. I have added the photos from his visit into the gallery.

A big big thank you to my good friend Helen for the photos!

thumb 002 Chris Visiting Daybreak thumb 005 Chris Visiting Daybreak thumb 011 Chris Visiting Daybreak thumb 013 Chris Visiting Daybreak

Chris is featured in the March 2014 issue of InStyle Magazine as their Man of Style. You can check out the digital scans in the gallery now. A big thank you to Twitter follower Jody for the scans!

thumb 001 Chris Featured as InStyle Magazines Man of Style thumb 002 Chris Featured as InStyle Magazines Man of Style thumb 003 Chris Featured as InStyle Magazines Man of Style thumb 004 Chris Featured as InStyle Magazines Man of Style — The actor Chris Pine will be the new face of Armani Code, one of the world’s best-selling men’s fragrances. The Hollywood sex symbol was chosen by King George as the protagonist of the new Armani Code campaign that will start in spring 2014. Chris Pine is on the big screens around the world with the movie “The Initiation”, directed by Kenneth Branagh. The actor has achieved worldwide fame playing the “new” Captain Kirk of “Star Trek” co-starred in the film “” Unstoppable – Check Out! Tony Scott with Denzel Washington, and has challenged Tom Hardy to win the heart of Reese Witherspoon in “This Means War.”

Chris Pine perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand, thanks to the strong charisma and his natural elegance. In addition to proven talent, versatility and the right amount of irony on the set, it has a magnetic charm that makes him the ideal testimonial for this fragrance.