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Into The Woods is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 25th, 2014.

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normal 001 First Official Still of Chris from Disneys Into The Woods

I’ve added high quality scans of Chris from the latest issue of ELLE UK, which features an exclusive interview with Chris, and some new handsome photos as well!

thumb 001 Chris Featured in ELLE UKs August Issue! thumb 002 Chris Featured in ELLE UKs August Issue! thumb 003 Chris Featured in ELLE UKs August Issue! noimg Chris Featured in ELLE UKs August Issue!

normal 001 USAToday: Pine, Waltz bring the bad to Horrible Bosses 2 — What goes around comes around, except when it takes a wacky detour.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis each suffered under abusive employers in the 2011 black comedy hit Horrible Bosses.

But now the fortunes have turned as the gang is back together in Horrible Bosses 2, opening Nov. 26 with a trailer hitting the Internet today. This time they are the managers from hell, but in the most inept way possible.

“It turns out we’re pretty horrible at being bosses and running a business,” says Day. “We’re hiring people for the wrong reasons, and not firing people for the wrong reasons. And then we have our business stolen.”

The work situation looks promising for the three inept pals in this new chapter directed by Sean Anders. They stumble upon an invention called The Shower Buddy — mixing shower water, shampoo and soap in one go — which attracts father-son investors played by Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine.

It’s only when the bumbling trio get their business act together that they find out their investors have swindled them — news delivered on the ninth green of a golf course.

“That’s when we find out we got duped,” says Day. “To make up for the injustice we dip our toes into the waters of illegal behavior. Once we open up Pandora’s Box again, it spirals out of control, and comedy ensues.”

normal 002 USAToday: Pine, Waltz bring the bad to Horrible Bosses 2 In the first film (which earned a respectable $117.5 million, according to Box Office Mojo), the group set out to kill their employers after getting bad advice from a big-talking criminal, played by the scene-stealing Jamie Foxx. He returns in an expanded role, advising the crew in a plot to take Pine’s character hostage to ransom back the company.

The original film’s bad boss Kevin Spacey, now in prison for his business crimes, gets a visit from the three for advice — “he’s not to happy to see us,” says Day. Jennifer Aniston returns as the sexual predator dentist Dr. Julia Harris, an audacious role that inspired Pine.

“She’s pretty out-there,” he says.

But it’s Pine and Waltz who bring the true malevolence in this sequel, a specialty for Waltz since 2009’sInglourious Basterds.

“We’re pretty awful,” says Pine. “But (Waltz) definitely brings that kind of bizarre, light-hearted sadism to his part.”

Pine says he did his best to keep up with Sudeikis, Day and Bateman in terms of displaying comedy chops. He refers to the trio as the meeting point of “the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges.”

The heavily improvised scenes were particularly challenging as Pine tried to keep the dialogue coming while not laughing out of character.

“In one scene, Charlie and Jason (Sudeikis were being brutally funny. And I couldn’t keep it together,” says Pine. “And there’s Bateman off camera not cracking a smile at all. He’s the ninja of improv comedy, where I am just the baby in it.”

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Thanks to my friend and fellow Pine-Nut Stephanie for the information. You can also read what had to say on the matter. However, the information below was sent out via email newsletter from the festival.

Very unexpectedly, Chris Pine has had to be replaced as “Eddie” in Fool for Love due to scheduling conflicts beyond his and our control. I spoke to Chris about this decision and he wanted to pass along the following message:

“This conflict is such a disappointment – I had genuinely looked forward to being back at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where I was first an Apprentice in 2000, and later grew as an actor in the 2002 Non-Equity company. My love and respect for the Festival knows no bounds. Unfortunately, the realities of shifting film commitments have suddenly made it impossible for me to appear this summer.”