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December 29, 2008

The first prototype images of the Star Trek 2009 movie “Barbie” line from Mattel Toys have surfaced at international online retailers this week. In fact, these images are the very first images of any toy from the 2009 feature film. provides the details and historical context of the Barbie Trek connection.

2009 Star Trek Barbie Collectors Dolls
The 2009 Star Trek themed Barbie Collectors line will include approximately 12″ versions of James T. Kirk, Spock, and Uhura. In keeping with the Barbie line’s recent “popular culture” licensed items, the costumes are very detailed and the sculpts feature excellent likenesses of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana. Accessories include a phaser and communicator. These will be available in April of 2009, and should retail for about $45 each.

The Barbie Phenomenon
2009 is not only the year of Trek for Star Trek fans, it is also the 50th Anniversary of Barbie herself. The Barbie popular culture line only takes on iconic and enduring characters and entertainment (Wizard of Oz, Disney, Grease, DC Comics) and it is nice that Star Trek is being included in such venerable company. Also, Barbie and Mattel have a presence in almost every toy and retail store. In 2009, products like the Star Trek Barbie line could help to get Star Trek back into the mainstream where it belongs. Also, the Barbie line, like PEZ dispensers, represent an item that has its own collector’s base and as such might help to recruit some new fans to Star Trek. The Barbie collector and the Star Trek collector could both have an interest in the item.

More Star Trek from Mattel in 2009
Barbie isn’t the only Mattel items next year for Star Trek. Available this January is the 20Q Star Trek edition trivia game. This March, the Mattel Tyco line has radio controlled versions of the USS Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey as featured in the original movies. Then, Mattel has its Scene It? Star Trek DVD game available this April. TrekMovie will be doing follow-up previews of these new Mattel items.

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