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April 17, 2009

I’ve added 34 photos of Chris and the cast from the ‘Star Trek’ photocall at the Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid, Spain from earlier today. I’ve also added one photo taken by visitor Francisco who had the chance to attend the premiere in Madrid. I was sorry to hear that Chris seemed to be in a hurry to get to his next destination that he did not stop to sign for the few fans who had been waiting. 🙁

Gallery Link: 04/17/2009 – ‘Star Trek’ photocall Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid, Spain

Gallery Link: Fan Candids > 04/17/2009 – Leaving hotel in Madrid, Spain

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3 Comments to "04/17 ‘Star Trek’ photocall from Madrid, Spain"
  1. Cu says:

    Hi! I’m Francisco, the one of the photo of Madrid. I really dont know what happened because Zachary, Zoë and JJ were really kind with us and they even thanked us for being there waiting. But Chris he didnt even looked at us and went out of the hotel in a hurry…I hope next time he will be back to Spain he would be closer.

  2. Fran says:

    Aw, give the poor guy a break, Francisco! He’s a man, not an autograph machine!

  3. Cu says:

    I know, I understand him but I went there only to talk to him and to get a photo/autograph. And the disillusion was big…but I understand he was exhausted of that huge tour.