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August 22, 2009

Well this is a bummer. Carriers wasn’t even on my radar until Paramount Vantage put out a chain of intense trailers showing a world ravaged by viral pandemic. Now, according to Fangoria, I’m not even going to have the opportunity to see Chris Pine and Piper Perabo wear cute surgical masks while they try to survive the end of times. You can’t go from “What’s Carriers?” to “Man, I can’t wait to see Carriers!” to “What do you mean I can’t see Carriers?”. That’s just mean, Paramount Vantage.

But if you live in one of the following cities that isn’t Austin, TX, September 4th should be a good day to wear a surgical mask of your own to the theater and freak out everyone sitting next to you:

– Atlanta, GA
– Charlotte, NC
– Denver, CO
– Detroit, MI
– Minneapolis, MN
– Philadelphia, PA
– Pittsburgh, PA
– Phoenix, AZ
– Portland, OR
– St. Louis, MO

Oh well, guess I can find solace in the knowledge that there will be an inevitably uncut Blu-ray of Carriers, which is PG-13 theatrically. Gotta admit, though, watching the trailer below is going to make that wait a little bittersweet.


AN: I think this really sucks. I personally was looking forward to checking out this thriller but the closest showing for me would be in Charlotte, NC and that is still about 3-4 hours too far to go see a movie. I don’t think it’s fair, what do you think?

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17 Comments to "Carriers release to be even more limited"
  1. Richard says:

    That’s disappointing! It’s a really weird selection of places to play it in too. This makes my chances of seeing it in a UK cinema look even slimmer. I too am hoping for a nice Blu-Ray release to make up for it. It will sit nicely next to my ‘Star Trek’ & ‘Bottle Shock’ Blu-Rays!

  2. Maverick-Werewolf says:


    Charlotte, NC for me, too. I probably won’t be able to convince my parents to go that far just to see a movie, though.

    Granted, we did go to Florida to see Star Trek in IMAX, but that was different… everyone in my family loves Star Trek, and there were more things to do in Florida than there would be in Charlotte. That and the summer’s gone… ah well. I’ll try, at any rate.

  3. Alexandra says:

    i thought for sure it would be in LA but not at all… paramount vantage i am disappointed and upset. shame on you paramount vantage shame!

  4. Holly says:

    Why the hell isn’t any California city on the list?! WTF?!

  5. B says:

    Major bummer! Maybe they’ll give it a wider release if it does well in those locations. We can only hope. I really want to support this film!

  6. Dreamer says:

    It is likely that the film is not expected to do well at the box office. It seems I read somewhere ( IMDB maybe?) that some advance screenings were not very well received.

    The movie has been done for a couple of years now, and clearly, if the studios thought it was going to be a big success they would have released it by now. I imagine the main reason it is finally being released now is because they are counting on Chris’s newfound fame to draw some viewers.

    I think over the course of Chris’s career, this movie will probably be a pretty minor film. Not that I am bagging on the movie, it might be really good, but the studio clearly doesn’t have much confidence in it.

  7. Zarthana says:

    What?!!…..huhu, I can’t watch it because I live in Malaysia T_T

  8. Paola says:

    AND of course little ol’ alaska is not on the list either.
    Man! that just flat out blows. I was so looking forward to september 4.


    not cool.

  9. Jenny says:

    Does anyone no if its gonna be released in the UK? If its got such limited release in America there doesnt seem much of a chance for the UK, shame i was really lookin forward to seein it

  10. ronan says:

    same here! if they’re not screening it in California i wouldn’t expect they would here in the Philippines! i couldn’t be more disappointed.

  11. Ana says:

    Sooo… I’m guessing that I won’t see it in Portugal :X

    This is so unfair :'(

  12. Marina says:

    Maybe we’ll get lucky, and it will do so well, that they will release it in other theaters. That’s something that can be very possible.

    Chin up, :]

  13. Isabel says:

    ….How is Chicago not on this?!?
    Epic Failure.

  14. Lisa says:

    Okay, I might be wrong, but maybe this is just for the opening and it will be showed later. I checked Fandango and it lists carriers. I like being optimistic.

  15. yaddayadda says:

    This is certainly very disappointing! I’ve really been looking forward for this movie!
    I’ll be in Seattle, WA in a few weeks, and I thought that I would watch it there.
    And now what? Carriers not showing there?
    What about California? C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A. The so-called heart of US?
    It isn’t even showing in Cal. Why why and why?
    I could just buy the DVD or blu-ray when it’s out (although I really can’t wait, I wanna watch it asap), but I really would like to know why it’s not showing in California.
    Like, hello, Chris LIVES in LA, and it’s not even showing there!
    This is absolutely illogical.

  16. M says:

    What about Canada?!?!

  17. PushingMongo says:

    I saw this movie and it’s really good and creepy. It much more of an intense drama than a horror film. Its very dark/bleak. Chris is fantastic in it. He has the most intense, well rounded character in the film. I’ve read on other sites that the division of Paramount that produced it went under and that the studio didn’t know what to do with a cool, bleak “art” film. So they gave it this limited release. Anyway, see it if you can find it.