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August 13, 2009

Chris Pine talked “Star Trek” with the Dish Rag at the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.’s annual installation luncheon, during which the group hands out gobs of cash to deserving charities.

“The big thing I’ve been surprised by is is how many people who weren’t fans who we were able to grab into the fold,” Pine said. “To make ‘Star Trek’ accessible to a wider audience and to a new generation of fans is a wonderful thing, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the second one.”

What’s the scoop on the new “Star Trek 2”?

“I know as much as anybody else,” Pine admitted. “They want to get stuff going for 2011 so I don’t know if that means we’ll shoot next year or what, but I haven’t heard anything one way or the other.”

Is the whole cast coming back? “As far as I know, yeah.”

All we’ve heard is that the immortal phrase “He’s dead, Jim” will probably be uttered and that “Heroes” star Greg Grunberg is pushing to play the classic ST villain Harry Mudd.

You remember Mudd, don’t you? He’s the character who let all those trilling Tribbles loose on the Enterprise.

Does this mean there will be Tribbles? We can’t wait!!

Next up for Chris is “Unstoppable,” which he starts shooting in the fall. “To be doing a movie with Denzel Washington and Tony Scott is like a kid’s dream,” he says. “I’ve watched and been a fan of both of theirs for as long as I can remember.”

Then there’s “Carriers,” which Chris  describes as “a post-apocalyptic, psychological thriller … it’s been a busy, fulfilling year.”

At the luncheon, he was accepting a check for the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. “The HFPA is making a generous grant and my sister and my mom both went to UCLA, so I’m happy to be a part of it.”

How much do we love this guy?


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3 Comments to "VIDEO: Chris is excited about ‘Star Trek 2’ & ‘Unstoppable’"
  1. Susieqla says:

    Chris is such a soft-spoken, articulate man, humble too. His new projects sound exciting, and I can’t wait to see him in them. Hugs, Susie

  2. Tenika says:

    I love how intelligent he is when he speaks. Also, he licked his lips a bunch. I think my bb needs some Chapstick.

  3. Holly says:

    Harry Mudd was NOT the character to introduce Tribbles, that was Cyrano Jones.