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December 04, 2009

Unless actor Jeremy Renner is getting his information from a parallel universe, it’s sounding likely that Hawkeye has a role in Marvel’s upcoming movie slate. Still, even Renner is quick to admit that while he’s discussed the role with Marvel, he’s not a lock for the part.

Assuming the role exists and is still available, it’s worth wondering what type of actor would be best-suited for Clint Barton. I don’t think the part requires an action hero body, though an athletic physique is a must. Barton also has to be equal parts charming and arrogant without sacrificing his heroic qualities — and he’s got to be awesome with a bow and arrow, but that’s where pre-production training comes in!

Keeping those prerequisites in mind, I think the following five actors would be right on the mark for Hawkeye.

CHRIS PINE: If his “Star Trek” daddy can play Thor, why can’t James Kirk himself play Clint Barton? After all, Chris Pine was one of the earliest rumored contenders for Hal Jordan in “Green Lantern” — a rumor that the actor quickly dispelled — but maybe he was just on the wrong side of the comic book aisle. Pine easily satisfies all of my personal qualifications for Hawkeye, though he has the added bonus of bringing a youthful presence to “The Avengers,” something that the movie likely needs.

They also list Bradley Cooper, James Marsden, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner as the other four actors who they think are best to play the role of Hawkeye. You can check out the entire article here:

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