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January 29, 2012

Filmmaker Mcg shot a variety of endings to This Means War to prevent audiences from discovering which leading man Reese Witherspoon picks in the romantic comedy.

British actor Tom Hardy and Star Trek hunk Chris Pine play secret agents and best friends who fight over the blonde beauty – but not even the trio knew the plot’s outcome as they filmed different scenarios for director Mcg.

Witherspoon tells Empire magazine, “We shot endings where I could end up with Tom, or I could end up with Chris, or I could end up alone… “, while Pine jokes, “Or the one where Tom and I could end up together. It’s a very progressive film.”

Pine also admits there was plenty of rivalry on the set as he and Hardy competed with one another to impress Witherspoon.

He explains, “It’s like being in the schoolyard: a beautiful girl and two red-blooded guys. It was basically a constant flirt-off – who could charm Reese and make her laugh the most… Tom won on the accent and lips front. I won on eyebrows and self-deprecation…

“Ladies love the accent and I’m not packing any heat in that department. There’d be no shame losing to Tom. If I had to lose to anyone, it’s fine if I lose to Tom Hardy. Of course, that would never happen. Ever.”


Also check out Chris’s interview along with Tom, Reese and Mcg in this month’s Empire Magazine!

Credit for the scans goes to avenging-warrior via Tumblr.

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