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November 14, 2016

Chris took part in the Indie Contender Reception at AFI Fest on November 13th where he was joined by fellow actors Kate Beckinsale, Miles Teller, Margo Martindale, Sally Field and more. You can view the photos in the gallery now.

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5 Comments to "Chris Attends Indie Contenders Reception at AFI Fest"
  1. Tracy Lynn Clark says:

    What great photos of Chris he takes such great pictures.

  2. Fantastic pictures of Chris who always looks good in any photo.

  3. Zoetnil says:

    He has really been busy this year. Has attended a lot of events. It’s good that he is being made more visible to the industry and his fans.

    • Tracy Lynn Clark. says:

      He is the sweetest and the kindest guy there ever was he has a heart of gold for his fans. And it’s my dream to get to meet him one day soon.