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June 27, 2020

I’ve updated the gallery with newly released stills of Wonder Woman plus the digital scans of the feature in the July issue for the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 > Production Stills
Wonder Woman 1984 > Poster
Scans from 2020 > Total Film – July 2020

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3 Comments to "Photos: “Wonder Woman 1984” for Total Film"
  1. Vicky Anderson says:

    I would like to wish Chris pine a very happy 40th birthday and a great big thank you because he held me to get though lockdown and hope you are well . Could you please let me when star trek 4 is coming out ps we are going to see wonder woman in October so thanks again see you soon

  2. Vicky Anderson says:

    Sorry for spelling mistake held should be help

  3. Rob Cox says:


    Please agree to do Star Trek 4. You have millions of fans of your portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk and we fans don’t wish another reboot.

    You have brought this character back to life and as a fan of William Shatner since 1966, you have done the series proud and we are very grateful.

    Please do it for the fans. Without your involvement, it won’t happen. The ensemble you are part of is critical to the project. Thank you for your valuable time.