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April 13, 2009

Chris PineOne of the hottest young actors in Hollywood right now is Chris Pine, who’ll hit theaters May 8th as the new Captain Kirk in “Star Trek.” But these days, the actor has his eye on another big-screen adaptation of a classic TV show.

“We’ve talked about it,” Pine revealed to MTV recently when we asked whether he had approached his old friend Joe Carnahan about reuniting for the upcoming “A-Team” movie. “I’d love to.”

Carnahan gave Pine his first big break as an action star with the 2006 film “Smokin’ Aces,” and now that the director has been handed the keys to the high-profile film adaptation of the Mr. T show, Pine has been reminding the filmmaker that “A-Team” was one of his favorite TV shows growing up.

“The [film] that I’ve had the most fun on was this movie called ‘Smokin’ Aces’ that Joe Carnahan directed – the guy that did ‘Narc’ and now he’s doing ‘The A-Team,’” Pine explained. “I played a neo-Nazi redneck hitman, which is about the farthest thing from me you can get. It was the most fun I had, because it was such a character.”

Now Pine (whose father Robert Pine starred in another TV classic, “CHiPs”) has the inside track on the high-profile “A-Team” gig, particularly if “Trek” is the hit many expect it to be. But here’s the twist: Although Chris Pine’s good looks and charismatic nature would seem to make him a perfect fit for the role of Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck, he’s been lobbying Carnahan for a different role.

“No, Murdock is my man,” he revealed, saying he wants to create a “Howling Mad” character along the same lines as the insane “Smokin’ Aces” performance Carnahan steered him into. “I love Murdock.”

And as if he needed to prove his affection further, Pine even began paraphrasing the show’s famous opening: “’In 1972 an elite command of forces escaped from a maximum security…’ I can go on and on,” he laughed. “It’s embarrassing that I know that; but I love that show, and I think that Joe is the perfect person to bring that to life.”

Currently, the “A-Team” script continues to be developed; when it is ready to be cast, however, Carnahan seems likely to save a seat in the black-and-red van for his newly-bankable friend. “We’ve talked about something happening,” Pine hoped. “I don’t think the script is quite done yet or something. But who knows?”

Would you rather see Chris as Murdock or Faceman?


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