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May 04, 2009

click for high quality version, courtesy of zathrasknowz @flickr

Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk offers advice for keeping a guy intrigued into the next millennium.

1. What do you think women should know about guys?
Women think that men don’t talk about their feelings with guys. We do talk to friends about relationships, but it’s succinct—10 minutes, then we move on.

2. Name one thing we’d be surprised to learn you find sexy.

One thing that I do find really sexy is a girl who’s good at crossword puzzles.

3. Fantasy time: You have just been named captain of the U. S. S. Enterprise. What famous people do you want on your crew?
Miles Davis, Sean Penn, Mark Twain, and Gandhi

4. Have any quirks?

I talk to myself, especially in the car. I do it to work through ideas, or if I’m pissed off. I use the interior of the car like it’s a [therapist’s office].

5. What’s the most romantic gesture a woman can make?
Giving me space and recognizing that we can be together while still being apart. “Me” time us just as important as “us” time.


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