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November 02, 2009

I’ve added 256 captures of Chris from the featurette supposedly from the Star Trek DVD, which is to be released later this month on November 17th. The feature in it’s entirety consists of segments and clips of interviews with JJ and fellow cast mates while discussing the choices of who they chose to play each character in the Star Trek remake. It’s a really great video to watch so I recommend downloading the entire video, but for those interested you can watch Chris’s casting segment below.

Thanks so much to Luciana from CPN’s brother site for bringing this to my attention. 😀

Gallery Link: Movies > Star Trek (2009) > Extra – Casting Featurette

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You can download the entire video here of this featurette which includes the casting of Spock, Scotty, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, and more.

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2 Comments to "Star Trek casting featurette: Finding Kirk captures & video"
  1. Hyerr says:

    about the download link…

    the file is in the format of .abc ….. and there’s no such thing.

    what is the file originally made? can’t watch it

    plz reply

    • Carol says:

      That was the original file format, from what I know. It works fine for me when playing the file in GOMPlayer. You might try changing the name where it says to stc.avi and see if that fixes the problem.