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December 07, 2009

A couple weeks after “Star Trek” opened with a $75 million first weekend and Chris Pine went from largely unknown actor to global superstar, the 29-year-old actor found himself a target of the paparazzi, who convinced there was something going on between him and “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge.

A couple weeks ago, MTV News honored Chris as one of the people we’re most thankful for in 2009, and during a wide-ranging conversation about the “Trek” franchise and the future of his career, talk inevitably turned to one thing Chris ain’t so happy about in 2009: those pesky photogs that targeted him earlier in the year.

“I certainly despise them with all my soul,” he said.

As prepared for the intrusion as he was before the blockbuster success of “Trek,” Chris admitted there’s truly no way to prepare for the reality of paps staking out your home and waiting to snap snap snap as soon as you emerge into daylight.

“In terms of the private life stuff, I understood what would or could happen because of my involvement in something so big, but you don’t really understand it until it starts happening and people are waiting outside your house,” he said. “And I live in an apartment on a busy street. It was pretty brutal when the movie first came out, and then it dies down and the paparazzi lose their interest and go after the next flavor of the day.”

For all the hassle of increased media attention on his personal life, Chris characterized the tabloid spotlight as a fair trade-off, or as he put it, “the deal with the devil you make.”

“I would say that artistically it’s been everything I wanted,” he continued.” ‘Star Trek’ has afforded me the luxury of choice in terms of what I want to do and where I want to take my career,” he said. “I don’t know how long that will last for, but certainly right now I’m enjoying that immensely.”


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4 Comments to "Chris Pine Despises One Certain Aspect Of Hollywood.."
  1. Holly says:

    Poor baby. I don’t like the paps either. It’s such a twisted way to make a living.

  2. Lisa M says:

    Give them the concern they deserve….none! The fans, on the other hand, shall be cherished. And we will honour your privacy.

  3. Cara says:

    Luckily Chris is well-grounded and I’m sure he’s got the maturity to deal with it.

  4. Michelle says:

    I can only offer my sincerest hopes that the horrors of the paparazzi don’t put Chris off from his fans. I could understand that if a person is feeling overwhelmed, hounded, or invaded, a natural reaction would be to close off or to hide. I can’t say that I would blame him, but based on the poise and charisma I’ve seen from him, I figure he’ll be able to ride over the worst of the paparazzi madness and sail out smoothly on the other side. I just hope that he remembers that the paps aren’t his fans, that his actual fans deeply appreciate his work and respect him, and that we do hope that he won’t hide away.

    To be honest, I always feel a bit nauseated when I see examples of any famous person being belligerently harassed by paparazzi, no matter who the celebrity is, even if I’m not particularly a fan of the person. After seeing some of the pictures of Chris that got re-posted on one of the Star Trek communities, I found myself ridiculously infuriated, and wanted to locate the photographer so that I could smash the guy’s camera… preferably over his head. (Sorry, Chris – I guess we just feel a bit protective of you!)