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May 28, 2010

I’ve been told for all Canadian Chris Pine fans to stay tuned to the distributor of Chris’s movie, Small Town Saturday Night, Maple Picture’s official facebook for something special. I’ve not been told what it is, so I’m as much in the dark as you guys but you should all find out on June 1st when the movie is released!

Also to those wondering if and when it will be released in your area, if you live outside of The United States and Canada than listen up! I’ve been told at the moment it does not have a distributor in The UK, which is the issue elsewhere too. For now the best solution is to buy the DVD online from websites like and make sure you have a DVD Player that can play Region 1 discs.

If there is anymore information about releases in other areas I will let you guys know. 😀

Lastly, be sure to follow Maple Pictures on they’re official twitter page for all the latest on Small Town Saturday Night and all they’re other great films.

1 Comment to "Attention all Canadian Chris Pine Fans! + STSN Release news"
  1. Keachick says:

    Yep. I have already ordered my copy of Small Town Saturday Night DVD. My region is 4 (Australia/NZ). Our JVC DVD player is supposed to be multi-regional. I will soon find out. It had better be.
    I am so looking forward to watching it -I want to hear him sing. (finally a Starfleet captain who can sing?!). I love him in EVERY movie I’ve seen him in so far…