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June 03, 2010 posted another “Caught In The Act” up on they’re website and Chris was mentioned:

Chris Pine headed to new Hollywood hotspot The Colony with a posse of guys. The actor arrived at 1 a.m. and headed immediately for an outdoor bar near the entrance, ordering drinks and clinking glasses together. Dressed down in a sweater, jeans and newsboy cap, nobody recognized Pine or bothered him all night long. Though he was definitely having a guys’ night out, the actor did chat up two girls, but then moved inside to watch Cypress Hill perform.

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3 Comments to "People report: Chris seen out in Hollywood with friends"
  1. Holly says:

    No one recognized him? He was wearing his infamous ensemble and no one recognized him? Wow.

  2. Katy says:

    ^hahaha I know right! Glad he could have a night out without anyone bothering him, though. 😀

  3. lovingjtk says:

    “nobody recognized or bothered him all night” Humm, maybe all the people at that hotspot were blind because a man as gorgeus as Chris don’t go unnoticed ANYWHERE!