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October 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Chris Pine’s career is seemingly “Unstoppable.”

The handsome blond, who skyrocketed to stardom with 2009’s “Star Trek,” said landing a host of movie projects like the upcoming action thriller “Unstoppable” – opposite Denzel Washington – is something he still can’t quite believe.

“It seems very much to me like I’ve won the lottery,” Chris told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson of his burgeoning career, at the junket for “Unstoppable” on Sunday. “I don’t know why it’s me, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it and it’s been a great ride so far.”

“Unstoppable” — inspired by real events — is the story of a runaway train carrying combustible toxic chemicals, and the railway workers who fight to get the locomotive under control before it derails (and decimates a nearby town).

To prepare for the role, the 30-year-old star met with the real life heroes who inspired the dramatic screenplay, and was shocked to learn of their minimal reward after they bravely risked their lives to protect others.

“[The workers] indeed stopped this train full of toxic chemicals and when they stopped it, what they got from their train company that they worked for was a T-shirt and a gift certificate,” Chris told Shaun. “So patronizing — I can’t stand it.

“God knows I don’t know if I would’ve had the will and the courage and the bravery like they did, and I think, especially in a time like now (where we see all of this economic downturn)… I think the story of the ordinary person… [is] a positive thing,” he added.

Although Chris was thrilled to work with two-time Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington, he attempted to keep his amazement at bay while working with the icon, gleaning what he could from the actor by watching him work.

“At the end of the day, it’s work. You’re getting paid to do a job,” Chris told Shaun. “So as much as I wanted it to be the ‘Chris Pine School of Education,’ it’s not.

“My job then as a young actor [is to] be open, and keep my eyes and ears alive to watching a master,” Chris continued. “[Watching Denzel] is like watching a great painter work… It was such a treat.”

As for Denzel, the veteran actor was equally as impressed with his younger co-star, saying, “I liked [Chris].”

“I suggested him [for the role]. You can’t say what that thing is, but he just had it,” Denzel told Shaun.

Catch Chris and Denzel in “Unstoppable” when it hits theater on November 12.


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