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November 05, 2010

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‘Unstoppable’ stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine return from months of filming in rail yards and running on trains to sit down for our cameras and wax philosophic on heroes, share their experiences working on the film and tell the story of the weeping director.

Denzel must have had some really good experiences in transit (“mile-high club” on a train? Respect, Denzel) — and some really bad ones with fans. Though he doesn’t give us much in either category, Denzel seems shy about sharing his weirdest fan experience and insinuates he’s feared for his safety on more than one occasion. We’re not surprised. He is, after all, Denzel Washington.

He’s not tight-lipped about everything, though. Denzel tells us about his childhood life-changing experiences watching ‘Shaft’ and ‘Superfly.’ Don’t miss the story about Tony Scott, the “sensitive” director of ‘Unstoppable.’


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