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January 07, 2011

In an interview with today’s Herald-Sun Newspaper in Australia (to promote Unstoppable), rising superstar Chris Pine spoke briefly about his next gig, playing iniquitous CIA rookie Jack Ryan – the character played by sirs Baldwin, Ford and Affleck in The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum Of All Fears – in Paramount’s Moscow.

The film, somewhat of a reboot of the franchise that kicked off in 1990 with Red October, will be directed by Lost alum Jack Bender. It was reportedly going to shoot as early as February this year. Seems not.

Asked by the lovely Neala Johnson whether or not he was prepared to be ’stacked up against those who have come before’, Pine replies assuredly “Look, at the end of the day, people will obviously prefer one version over the other, whether it be Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck. I feel the same way about Star Trek – the only thing I can do is the best version of myself. I can only bring who I am to bear on the part and people either like that or not. Again, I don’t have much control over that, so all I can ask of myself is to do my best, try my hardest and to make sure that we have a really good story to tell, and then it to the hands of fate.”

Pine doesn’t know whether or not he’ll be doing anything as physical in the film as he did on Tony Scott’s Unstoppable.

“I dunno if any trains are gonna be involved”, the actor laughs. “I dunno what’s involved quite yet, I haven’t really seen the finished script, but some assorted running, for sure”.

In a recent interview with the delightful Katey Rich at Cinema Blend, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura mentioned that the script for the film is currently undergoing a rewrite and as yet, there’s no set date for filming.

“We’re going to shoot in the spring. There’s no set date. It’s a slow process of figuring out how much it’s going to cost and all that stuff. [It’s] the same story– [Anthony Peckham] is going to bring his own particular flair to it. It is the origin story of Jack Ryan. Where you pick him up in his career is very true to what Clancy had as his backstory. You can explore some of the backstory you never had in previous movie. That will be fun for Clancy fan, and for an audience that hasn’t seen [the previous films], or seen them all in theaters. Chris Pine is going to make a great Jack Ryan. We really lucked out there.”

In Moscow, Ryan (Pine) will be fresh out of the Marines and gets himself involved in some sort of financial scandal in Russia. Apparently Wall Street plays a big part in the movie.

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2 Comments to "Chris talks about Jack Ryan: Moscow"
  1. donna says:

    Chris, I don’t know if you read these comments, maybe someone you know can let you know. There is an actress that I think would be perfect for your Jack Ryan movie ( this is for what my advice is worth, which is nothing), her name is Angela Sarafyan (Google her!). She recently starred in a TV show that I’m a fan of (unfortunely the show has now been cancelled, sads:(), The Good Guys. She has also been in some indie movies. I hope that you check her out, she hecka cute and I think shes talented. Another plus: she is from Armenia, so she maybe fluent in Russian, since it is spoken there. I hope she gets a chance.

    Good Luck!!!!!
    A Trekkie Fan 4ever:)

  2. donna says:

    OK, I have to confess, I have another motive………matchmaker!!! LOL Don’t you think shes cute? I think you two would make a great couple!!

    OK, now I’m gone

    PS: don’t F— it up!!