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September 14, 2011

Attention impatient sequelphiles: Vulture can confirm that J.J. Abrams has finally committed to shooting Star Trek 2. Insiders familiar with the director’s plans tell Vulture that pre-production is underway, that the script will be done by month’s end and that Abrams will start shooting this winter.

While many assumed he would make the follow-up to his 2009 hit, he would never give a date for the project, or actually say for sure that he would be the one directing. In July, reports elsewhere surfaced that Abrams was “moving towards a commitment” to direct the sequel (which, of course, is Internet for “hasn’t committed yet”) but his delay had pushed a nervous Paramount Pictures to give Trek 2’s late June 2012 release date to a G.I. Joe sequel.

Part of the hold-up has been that Alex Kurtzman, who wrote Abrams’ first Trek with Roberto “Bob” Orci, has been busy editing and posting Welcome to People, his directing debut at DreamWorks Pictures. We’re told that now that Kurtzman is finished with those duties, he is back in his office and the team is ready to work. Plug in the Starbucks I.V., lads! These new life-forms and new civilizations aren’t going to seek out themselves!


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2 Comments to "NYMag: J.J. Abrams Officially Commits to Directing Star Trek 2"
  1. Keachick says:

    I am so happy. Hopefully Chris Pine will be getting back to doing what he likes best – acting. It is even better when he plays my favourite character, Captain James T Kirk from the very wonderful Star Trek. I have loved that show since I first saw it many years ago with William Shatner playing Kirk. Chris did the Kirk character well, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for me.

    Go, Chris Pine. Make me proud again of “my captain”!

  2. It’s about time too. I’ve watched Star Trek since I was young and tend to kill any ride I have as it becomes my star ship. I look forward to the day when we can have real ones and really start to get some work done. Psalms chapter 37, Psalms 148 esp. vs. 6. Isaiah 40:22 God calls all the stars by name. You’d be pretty sure he expects to visit again and let his people (humans) have a look too, wouldn’t you? Rev. 21:3, 4.

    Hugs to you all esp. Chris Pine. I always thought he was the real Kirk anyway. You wouldn’t have been James Dean at some point were you? You look like him. Could be source of Kirk’s first name? Kirk sounds like strange little are you paying attention radio static noise I make a lot.

    Wonder what made Gene Roddenberry think that up?

    I’ll be anxiously waiting to see the new film. Wave at me if you like!
    Love and hugs,
    Debbie in Anadarko, OK
    Everyone knows I’m here anyway so not afraid to say location.