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October 28, 2011

I’ve added 3 high quality photos of Chris at the Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Dinner Hosted by Vogue’s Lisa Love & Frederic Fekkai from October 20th. Thanks to Crayen for the photos!

Gallery Link:
2011 > 10/20/11 – Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Dinner Hosted By Vogue’s Lisa Love & Frederic Fekkai

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3 Comments to "Chris Attends the Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund Dinner"
  1. S@n says:

    Thanks again Carol!

    I saw a lot of pictures of other celebrities at this event last week, and have not seen any picture of Chris Pine, is another event that he was this year and not passed in the “red carpet “, I would like to understand the reason for this!

    I know he is not promoting any work this year, but we want to see Chris Pine, and at last he was there, right?

  2. Keachick - rose pinenut says:

    No matter what style of hair or whether he has a beard or not, Chris still manages to look gorgeous. How does he do it? Not that I am complaining at all. Why are the photos so dark? I did something with the mouse and saw that he was actually wearing a dark pin-striped three piece suit and grey shirt. Very nice.

    Also, see I told all of yous…:) that he looks much better without the strangle bangle…oops, I mean, tie, and these are yet more pictures to prove my point…:)

  3. Veh says:

    Oh my God!

    Thanks very muck Carol!
    The pictures is so amazing!
    Love Chris!!!

    Kisses! 😀