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June 23, 2012

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Q: Chris, even though you’ve done a lot of stage work, people are used to seeing you in action movies or romantic comedies. Was it hard for you to get into this role?
A: [Pine] When I began acting, I began doing stage, and onstage your theatrics are limited. It was by no means easy, but it’s harder to get used to doing these bigger films. Those are larger shoes to step into. This was a difficult piece, but I relished the opportunity to do something on film that I felt like I had done onstage before and to get a chance to work those muscles that oftentimes, with these bigger films, are harder to exercise. This is basically an independent movie within the studio system.

Q: The character of Sam is a bit of a jerk in the beginning. Chris, how did you approach getting into the role?
A: [Pine] I’m very protective of Sam. I never read him as the jerk many people see him as. I read him as a guy who clearly makes mistakes, and the largest is that he violates the trust of the woman who is his sister. If anyone goes into this movie judging Sam and being self-righteous, they better take a long look at how they act and how they approach people in their lives. None of us are without fault and none of us are without the ability to grow and mature.

Q: You filmed this over a year ago, but the movie is coming out while Elizabeth [Banks] has been on a roll. What was she like to work with?
A: [Pine] Elizabeth is an intelligent, focus-driven woman. You get the sense she’s been her own woman for a long time. With her being so talented, if you’re not up to the task, she can just railroad over you! But I loved sparring with her. One of my favorite scenes is at [Henry’s Tacos] because it’s a microcosmic moment for these people. There was a lot of improv and I loved doing that with Liz because she’s a great comedian.

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