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April 23, 2013

In the span of a few years, Chris Pine has gone from relatively unknown to one of Hollywood’s hottest actors. With his second Star Trek film coming to theaters soon, Pine reflected on the skyrocketing of his career.

While Pine made his film debut in a mainstream film, The Princess Diaries 2, as Anne Hathaway’s characters love interest, it wasn’t until his 2009 role in the Star Trek reboot that he became a well-known lead actor.

Now reaping the rampant success of his acting career, the 32-year-old actor reflected on his days in Hollywood to ET Canada when discussing his upcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness.

“I’ve been really lucky and kind of get swept up in the ocean of Hollywood,” Pine said. “It’s a great ride, but you surface and you’re like, ‘Where the hell am I? What is this all about?'”

Although Star Trek boosted his career to personally unseen heights, Pine said that he had his doubts about jumping on another series of the Star Trek franchise, which already had 10 films in its collection prior to its 2009 edition.

“I think we all took a giant leap off the cliff,” he said of signing on to the project.
Despite his inhibitions, the first film in the most recent series raked in an estimated $385 million at the box office, which was the highest-grossing film that he had ever been a part of.

With more hype surrounding the follow-up Star Trek film, which boasts a hefty $185 million production budget, Pine praises the upcoming sci-fi film and its director-producer J.J. Abrams.

“What J.J.’s done is…made a story that’s accessible, real, and human and very earth-bound and of the here-and-now that I think will appeal to people above and beyond the ‘Trek,’ fandom,” he said.


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