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April 23, 2013

Thanks to the Radio Times, we are pleased to report Chris will be joining his Into Darkness co-star and nemesis, Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show Friday, May 3rd. The day after the London premiere of Into Darkness which Chris will also attend.

Question: What’s better than Benedict Cumberbatch on a sofa? Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine on a sofa. In your living room.

Yes, following last week’s news that the Sherlock actor will be appearing on The Graham Norton Show on Friday 3 May, producers have today revealed that he will be joined by Star Trek Into Darkness co-star Chris Pine.

The sci-fi sequel sees Cumberbatch as chilling new villain John Harrison, taking on Pine’s Captain James T Kirk in a battle that wrecks the USS Enterprise and destroys half of London. Thankfully, the pair are good friends in real life so the sofa action is likely to be a lot more cordial.

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