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January 07, 2014

Check out Chris’s entire interview over at!

Chris Pine on… Reintroducing the Character
“With this film we’ve tried to give him a substantive enough background and backstory so that we understand why he moves and thinks the way that he does.

“For me it’s always more interesting to kind of start from square one, take the fundamental pillars of the character, and around that try to create something new and different. Just like with Captain Kirk, for instance, I can’t do what came before and what those other guys did as Jack Ryan – I can only do my version of it.

“But there are certain things that I think are fundamental to Jack. Like I remember in Clear and Present Danger, I always loved the fact that it was Anne Archer who’s driving the Porsche and he’s driving a VW Bug. He’s kind of frumpy and she’s kind of the wunderkind doctor. I like that about Jack – that he’s more comfortable in his study. He’s comfortable with his books. He’s more comfortable putting a puzzle together. He’d rather spend a Sunday at home than go out. He’s a homebody. There’s a comfort in isolation, but there’s really an intense confidence in his own abilities to figure stuff out and to work through things in his own mind.”

Chris Pine on… Shadow Recruit’s Story
“I think our plot is interesting and kind of apropos to what’s happening in the world, but not overly convoluted so people will spend time figuring out what’s going on.

“Jack’s experience is an experience that many people share. I don’t share it. I don’t know if anybody here has. He’s been to war. He’s seen war and it’s affected a lot of people and I don’t think we take that lightly in the film – how that traumatised him and how that kind of pushed him in a different direction in his life. And also, he shares what we all share, which is 9/11. Which is going through a major turning point. It’s Pearl Harbour for another generation.

“Even though he’s smart and he is going to save the world, he’s got a lady in his life and he’s got a lot of troubles with that relationship and he’s trying to figure that out and they’re trying to work on their communication skills. It’s a lot of very accessible, human stuff that we all deal with.

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2 Comments to "Chris Talks Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with IGN"
  1. Becky says:

    Another very interesting interview with Chris as he shares his take on his Jack Ryan character. He he offers a very in-depth analysis of Ryan here and it is very interesting and I think revealing of his character.I have watched one of the Jack Ryan films before which was very dramatic and intense but I did not have any good, in-depth understanding of the main character. I definitely felt fear and a sense of danger throughout the movie and I remember many tense moments. Very rare for me to go to such an intense movie, but I am planning to see Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit.Also I am not aware of other actors who share such deep insight.about their characters. Again, very interesting..

  2. rose says:

    I so agree he is very intellgent i heard from kb that he is very curious and takes alot of interest in the rolls he plays and not only that he takes interest in the story other actors and sets he realy does fit this roll i hope it does will so there will be a second one