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2 Comments to "Chris Talks ‘Jack Ryan’, Singing for ‘Into The Woods’, and More with Access Hollywood (Video)"
  1. Becky says:

    Another interesting interview with Chris Pine as he talks about his latest movie projects. I am always impressed with how modest and humble he is. And how he is so kind and gracious towards everyone he has worked with. By the way, my TV has been flooded with advertisements about the new Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit movie which is due out this coming Friday.

    • Keachick says:

      I also enjoyed his interview. You can hear him sing a little of “Fly Me to the Moon” on the Jimmy Kimmel show – his singing voice is really lovely.

      So Chris wants to see Jim Kirk go dark and dangerous…hmmmm Chris, honey, this is Star Trek. This show was created to have its leading characters be persons of goodness and integrity, people to behave better in the future than what is the good norm of today. Do you not know this? Well, you need to and so do the writers, producers and others as well. Think of James Kirk as being a sort of Jack Ryan of the future, except that Kirk is a bit more extroverted…