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October 02, 2016

Chris was looking super handsome as he attended the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration with ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’ on October 1st. You can check out photos in our gallery now.

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3 Comments to "Chris Attends 95th Anniversary Celebration with ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’"
  1. Tracy Lynn Clark. says:

    Hi Chris you look fantastic tonight but you always look good. And I love the pic of you and Jeremy Renner I love Hawkeye and Captain Kirk together. Love Tracy Lynn Clark.

  2. Zoetnil says:

    Definitely Chris Pine is at the peak of his career and his life. In the interviews he expresses a clear vision of where he is headed and he is doing it sucessfully. We want so see much more of him!!!!!

    • Tracy Lynn Clark. says:

      I hope one day I can meet Chris he’s such a sweet guy and I love all of his movies he’s made but I especially love him as Captain Kirk.