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August 13, 2017

Chris Pine was spot in Glasgow earlier today, at the Heathrow Airport, accordingly to some twitter users. It seems the Outlaw King principal photography is about to start.

A few days ago the website Daily Records published that the movie are planning to shoot scenes in the Stirling area, in the next month.

Loudoun Productions Ltd have applying for permission to set up at Mugdock Country Park for a period of ten weeks starting next month. The firm plan to create a film set at two locations within the park, which is south east of Strathblane. They plan to work there from September 11 to November 17.

Another site was asking for chefs assistants and kitchen porters to work on the production in Glasgow and surrounding areas, starting in August 24th – for 13 weeks.

Outlaw King will tell the story of Robert The Bruce, the king who led his country to freedom from the oppressive rule of England in Scotland. It is written and directed by David Mackenzie and will be distributed by Netflix. Chris Pine will play Robert The Bruce, Aaron-Taylor Johnson will play James Douglas and the female lead will be played by Florence Pugh.

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2 Comments to "“Outlaw King” Updates"
  1. Marian Laing says:

    My 19 year old daughter queued for hours in Glasgow for a part as an extra in this movie. Was told she had been successful and was due to attend a costume fitting on Monday. She turned down a week’s work experience to attend which might have led to a job. Just received and email from Key Casting Agency to tell her she won’t be needed after all. Poor way to treat people!

    • Luciana says:

      Oh, gosh. I’m sorry it happened to your daughter Marian, it must have been upsetting, not to say it did hurt her upcoming work experience. I’ve heard stories like that in so many different productions, in my country and overseas.