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August 07, 2017

I went through our photoshoot session this past weeks and decided to reorganize it by years. While doing it, I managed to merge some sessions that was split into different albums, upgrade the quality of another pictures and add more sessions we was missing. Go please browse our entire session, there’s a lot of goodies there.

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1 Comment to "Photoshoot Session: Lots of Updates!"
  1. Hakka says:

    Ohhh! It was a long-awaited update but worth it! <3

    About The 2010's Details section. I don't know why, but Carol (?) at some point uploaded A HUGE BUNCH (308 apparently if I didn't fuck up while renaming) of outtakes but then one day were vanished, all 1089×1450. I have them all, if you wish to reupload them in their proper gallery (and there is no copyright issue that had Carol removed them that's it). 🙂