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September 07, 2018

Empire magazine has released a brand new image of Chris as Robert Bruce in Outlaw King, to be found in the current Ultimate Autumn Preview issue, on shelves now and available online.

Robert famously fought against England for Scottish independence, becoming King of Scotland in the early 1300s. Rather than take on a huge sweep of Robert’s life, Mackenzie’s film will focus on one year, leading up to the Battle of Loudoun Hill in 1307. “I’ve always thought of Robert The Bruce’s story as being heroic, although he’s a flawed hero,” Mackenzie told Empire in the October 2018 issue. “He was the second-biggest landowner in Scotland, but he gave up everything to set his country free.

Check the image in our gallery, alongside new ones released by Netflix in high quality. The film will arrive on Netflix on 9 November.

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