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Created by: Michael Showalter, David Wain
Original Network: Netflix
Number of Episodes: 5 (that Chris has starred in)
Production year: 2014-2015
Original release: July 31, 2015
Running time: 27–30 minutes
Other cast: Marguerite Moreau, Zak Orth, Paul Rudd
Misc: IMDB | Netflix | iTunes

Counselors and campers check in for what’s billed as “the summer of your life” at Maine’s Camp Firewood in 1981. The Netflix original is a prequel to the 2001 cult film “Wet Hot American Summer,” and features many of the same actors, portraying even younger versions of themselves than they did in the film. Reuniting the original cast was no small feat, given the busy careers of Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Meloni, Janeane Garofalo, Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler. New to camp in 2015 are Chris Pine, Jon Hamm and Kirsten Wiig. Original director David Wain helms the series, and he and Michael Showalter penned the scripts.