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January 08, 2009

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, the actors starring as Captain James T. Kirk and Spock during their early Starfleet careers in the upcoming “Star Trek” movie, have been set as presenters and will make their first live television appearance at “The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards” to be telecast live on NBC Sunday, January 11th (8 – 11 p.m. EST) at The Beverly Hilton.

AN: I will be posting captures and video shortly after. 😉

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December 29, 2008

The first prototype images of the Star Trek 2009 movie “Barbie” line from Mattel Toys have surfaced at international online retailers this week. In fact, these images are the very first images of any toy from the 2009 feature film. provides the details and historical context of the Barbie Trek connection.

2009 Star Trek Barbie Collectors Dolls
The 2009 Star Trek themed Barbie Collectors line will include approximately 12″ versions of James T. Kirk, Spock, and Uhura. In keeping with the Barbie line’s recent “popular culture” licensed items, the costumes are very detailed and the sculpts feature excellent likenesses of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana. Accessories include a phaser and communicator. These will be available in April of 2009, and should retail for about $45 each.

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December 27, 2008

This summer Chris Pine is going where only one man has gone before. As Capt. James T. Kirk in the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” revival, the 28-year-old faces one of the year’s biggest acting challenges — how can you portray Kirk without sliding into a William Shatner imitation?

The early footage suggests that the L.A. native and third-generation Hollywood actor has pulled it off with swagger and a twinkle in his eye, which is, well, very Kirk-like. “He’s delivered a real performance,” Abrams said, “and it was amazing to watch.”

Pine jumped off the screen in the 2006 hit-man extravaganza “Smokin’ Aces” and then starred with Alan Rickman in the wine-country tale “Bottle Shock.” He was set to star opposite George Clooney in the cinematic adaptation of author James Ellroy’s noir tale “White Jazz” before he beamed up to the “Trek” franchise. Abrams says he hopes his “Trek” flies as a franchise, suggesting Pine may be on more than a five-year mission as Kirk.


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December 03, 2008

Chris is shown around the 1:16 marker for those interested! 😉

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September 11, 2008

Kevin Smith is just about the luckiest guy on the planet and I’m pretty sure he’s aware of it. His filmmaker buddies have always seemed more than willing to share their upcoming works well in advance of their release dates. He saw “MI:III” early as well as “The Dark Knight,” and here in mid-September of ‘08 he’s already seen two must-sees for ‘09! That would be “Watchmen” AND “Star Trek.”

When I met up with Kevin in Toronto this week to chat about “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” (a mature flick that’s actually most reminiscent of “Chasing Amy” despite what you may assume) I just had to pick his brain about “Star Trek” and he told me quite a bit.

“It’s really strong,” said Smith. “[J.J. Abrams] was rejiggering the opening few scenes. It’s one of those things where you first heard about it and were like no they’re not going to redo ‘Star Trek’! And then you see the movie and you think, wow he did pull it off! He turned it into a viable renewed franchise.”

Who stood out among this new cast, I asked him. “Chris Pine is fantastic,” he gushed. “It is a star-making performance. From his first scene forward, this dude is not doing an impression of Shatner. He is doing young Kirk. He doesn’t have the slow delivery mannerisms of Shatner but it’s totally James T. Kirk, the bravado, the self-assuredness. It’s such a great performance. You can’t take your eyes off the guy. Anytime he’s not on the screen you’re waiting for him to get back. And the chick [Zoe Saldana] who plays Uhura is really great. They made Uhura really interesting.”

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March 01, 2008

Enetainment posted their 30 Under 30: The Actors, listing Chris as their 27. Also I’ve added another hot photo from the recent Justin Stephens Photoshoot I recently added.

AGE 27

BROKE OUT IN… Joe Carnahan’s flashy, amped-up shoot-out flick, Smokin’ Aces.

WHY HIM Because of all the young men in the whole wide world, J.J. Abrams decided to make him the captain of his newest enterprise, the revamped Star Trek.

WHAT’S NEXT Um, Trek. And a flick about wine, Bottle Shock, that played this past Sundance.

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