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The Chris Pine Network was opened in June 2007 by Carol L.

I’d like to send special thanks to my sister Angela for always supporting me. In addition I would also like to seen a very big thank you to my fellow Pine-Nuts for supporting the site and allowing my site to be the heart of our little group. Holly, Brianne, Richard, Isabel, Philippa, Erika, Stephanie C. and Stephanie D. Thank you.

The how and why..

In May of 2007 after watching Just My Luck, I, on impulse, decided to create the very site you see before you. I originally first saw Chris in Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement in theaters and instantly fell in love with his fabulous hair and of course, his dashing character. He was definitely a new face I hadn’t seen before, and I found that refreshing, so that motivated me to learn more about him. Not long after I eventually saw him in Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan, which only then made realize just how much I enjoyed his acting. From the very beginning, I have always believed he had an untapped amount of potential to achieve big things in this business we call “Hollywood.” Aside from his obvious talent, he also has a great look with his uniquely enticing baby blue eyes and beautiful smile. Another thing I found I enjoyed very much about Chris was his choice of characters he has portrayed, starting with the arrogant Lord Nicholas Devereaux in Princess Diaries, to the unlucky Jake Hardin in Just My Luck, to Darwin Tremor, the dumb yet clever redneck hitman in Smokin’ Aces. His roles were diverse and different and so therefore made him stand out that much more in my eyes, and only increased my interest his career.

When it comes down to the heart of it all, I made this site because I’m a geek, and I like creating websites, haha! Okay, that isn’t the whole truth, though that is mostly true. The truth is I am a huge fan of Chris. I think he has so much talent, and I truly enjoy watching him on any stage or screen he is on. I am so very happy and proud of all the success he has had thus far, and can only hope he continues to have unlimited success for the foreseeable future. As long as Chris is making movies or taking time to star on the theater stage, I will continue to support him and his career.

Paparazzi / Gossip Policy

Chris Pine Network maintains a strict policy of respecting the privacy of Chris and his day to day life outside of his career and, therefore remains paparazzi free. Pictures of him not working will not be posted on this site. This includes photos of him seen out and about shopping or going for a walk with family or friends. Should you wish to view those photos at your own discretion you will have to find them elsewhere. The only photos taken by the paparazzi which can be found here are those of which were taken while filming projects providing he appears to be comfortable with the photographer’s presence around the set. As we all know Chris works very hard and, like everyone else, has the right to privacy. With that said, our aim is to respect Chris as much as is possible while providing a friendly and up-to-date source for his career to the fans. So yes, our site is committed to staying away from rumors and gossip while posting only news that is confirmed to the best of our knowledge and is pertinent to Chris and his career only.