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April 07, 2009

Watch the rest of the interviews here Phreadz @ Vimeo

On a side not in Austin, Texas yesterday at a Fan event (which was promoted as a ‘10 minutes preview’). – source

FAN REVIEW #1 SNIPPET: As far as performances go, Chris Pine is outstanding. He’s the embodiment of a conflicted soul, transcending the cliche of the troubled rebel with a greater destiny. His delivery manages to give depth while maintaining the cocky veneer. You can read the full fan review here

FAN REVIEW #2 SNIPPET: First and foremost is Chris Pine as James Tiberius Kirk — with the unquantifiable big shoes of William Shatner to be filled, Pine steps up and delivers a performance that is well beyond anything you might expect. He captures the arrogance and fortitude of Kirk while also keeping that bit of humanity and depth that Shatner was so good at. Kirk is reckless at times, but he’s smart and ever-confident in his own abilities — and Pine captures that quite well. You can read the full fan review here

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