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June 16, 2012

I’ve chosen bits and pieces from the review of ‘People Like Us’ that recently posted, and I must say it’s worth a read, but while your here check out the snippets below.

People Like Us is the surprisingly moving story of two wayward strangers who are drawn together by a shared secret. Finding each other, it turns out, may also be the key to finding themselves. Yes, the story is about as conventional a drama as it sounds, but it’s reasonably intelligent and adult, it’s got a couple of winning performances at its core and it adds just enough narrative wrinkles to keep it fresh as it builds to a satisfyingly emotional finale. In other words, People Like Us is pretty much everything it sets out to be and everything you could want from the type.

Pine, who was easily the best part of Star Trek and who has already established himself as a movie star even if he is not yet a household name, continues to expand his range. He’s demonstrated a knack for handsome, cocky, slightly roguish characters who don’t take themselves so seriously that they’re annoying and here he takes that character one step further. Sam is a man on the verge of succumbing to bitterness and of turning into the selfish jerk he’s always despised. His actions aren’t always noble, but he’s still very relatable and you find yourself hoping he does the right thing. Pine manages to be likable even when he’s being a bit of an asshole.

What’s interesting here is that Pine and Banks have terrific chemistry together and in any other film they’d be convincing lovers. That’s not in the cards for People Like Us however because the characters are related. Instead, the story has to make the case for these two growing to love each other without being able to fall back on phony romantic tropes like love at first sight. They genuinely have to get to know each other.

Make sure you check out the full review over at

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December 15, 2009

I finally got a chance to see the plague like thriller last week and I have to admit it’s actually not as bad as all the critics made it out to be. Anyhow I’ve added 1,239 HQ DVD captures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link: Movies > Carriers (2009) > DVD Captures

If your interested you can read my thoughts on the movie after the cut.

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October 06, 2009

I’d like to thank Amber of our Chris community over on Livejournal for scanning and posting this great article. This is what Amber had to say in her post:

okay well he says it’s “a good movie” not “a great movie” and he doesn’t even really talk about Chris BUT STILL. I was glad to see that someone else was also disappointed that Carriers didn’t get a wider release. Especially since that someone is a widely popular best-selling author and blogger for Entertainment Weekly. In his article this month, Mr. King bemoans the fact that small-scale, well made films like Carriers can’t even get shown in all fifty states, while Transformers 2 is playing on 5 screens at your local AMC.

You can read the entire article below by clicking the photo.


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September 12, 2009

I have found & collected some fairly good reviews for ‘Carriers’. You’ll find that, no, they are not praising but this film wasn’t even expected to see theater time from my knowledge until Chris’s big success in ‘Star Trek’ this past summer. I do have to say I’m pleased with the overall reviews and ratings I’ve read for ‘Carriers’, as none are insulting or ridiculing, merely a breakdown of the plot and comments on the story which the movie and the characters are trying to tell.

All four actors do a fine job fleshing out their roles, with Pine demonstrating a less appealing side of the cockiness he brought to James T. Kirk and well-matched with the spunky Perabo.

You can read the full review here @

Actually, the only bad thing about “Carriers” is its trailer, which gives moviegoers the false impression that the feature film may evolve into a zombie flick. By no stretch of the imagination does this movie belong to the horror genre. Rather, it is a methodical thriller about the humanity’s response to its own demise. And, as the movie suggests, that is the most terrifying monster of all.

You can read the full review here @ Phoenix Movie Examiner

Now, contrary to what the trailer, ad campaign, and net buzz would lead you to believe, Carriers is not a zombie movie. Yes, there is a viral epidemic and yes, it wipes out most of the human race. But rather than turning those infected into violent, mindless, flesh-eating ghouls, it simply brings them a slow and painful death. And in a way, this helps the film.

You can read the full review here @ Pittsburgh Horror Movie Examiner

Chris Pine carries the film for much of its length. As the group’s de facto leader, his character Brian is a charming prick who does anything necessary to keep himself and his brother alive. The group’s motto, “the sick are already dead,” leads this film into morally ambiguous territory and forces the characters to make difficult decisions. In this world, if the disease doesn’t get you, the survivors might.

You can read the full review here @

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June 25, 2009

Feeling nostalgic for election coverage these days? The less than stellar news cycle, dominated by grim economic reports and unsettling foreign affairs, has many of us longing for last year’s giddy roller-coaster campaign, in which politics temporarily became the national thrill-a-minute pastime.

Gallery Link: On Stage – Play Photos > Farragut North ( 2009 )

“Farragut North,” Beau Willimon’s engaging drama about the dirty tricks and brutal backstabbing of those conducting the spin war for aspiring presidents, attempts to reignite our tapped-out passion for political one-upmanship. The play, which is having its West Coast premiere at the Geffen Playhouse, may not be able to compete with the loony stranger-than-fiction cast of recent election battles or offer us any stop-the-presses scoops about our Swift Boat campaign culture, but it does capture the frenzied scheming and counter-scheming of would-be Washington kingmakers.

Better yet, the production has a rising superstar on board who could give Barack Obama a run for his charismatic money. Chris Pine, the paparazzi’s current object of affection after his breakout role as Capt. James T. Kirk in the new “Star Trek” film, stars as Stephen Bellamy, a 25-year-old press secretary for a Democratic presidential candidate who remains an invisible presence throughout. Imagine Karl Rove as a fit, chicly dressed media strategist for the other side and you have some idea of the nature of this latest boy genius.

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June 17, 2009 has the scoop on Chris Pine’s latest acting role and we think Chris in the flesh is even better than seeing him on the big screen!

We were lucky to see the first night preview Tuesday night of the play Farragut North at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles with Chris starring along side an all star cast including Chris Noth, Olivia Thrilby, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Mia Barron, Dan Bittmer and Justin Huen. We won’t give you any spoliers, but Chris Noth surprised us as the political boss, and we loved the sparks that flew between Chris Pine and Olivia during their sexy love scenes!

The theater was packed and the crowd cheered loudly for Chris as he took his bow at the end of the show. And who could blame them? We definitely enjoyed seeing Chris dressed up in hottie suits on stage. The entire cast joined the young theater patrons at an private event after the show, and spotted Chris chatting with lots of excited fans.

But he’s not raking in the big bucks in this show. Although he’s starring in the biggest hit of the summer, our theather friends tell that the Star Trek stud did this play as a “labor of love,” and was paid favored nation status – which means that everyone in the cast made the same amount of money and our sources tell us this was NOT a big paycheck at all.

So why do we like Chris in this play so much? All we can say is you don’t get to see Captain Kirk strip down to his boxer briefs in Star Trek!

Thanks so much to Chris Alexander of RadarOnline for sending this to me!

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