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May 08, 2009

I just got back from seeing Star Trek and I can definitely say it surpassed any idea I had previously formed about how great this movie was going to be. I was so excited when the previews began I just wanted to get to the movie as I felt like I had been waiting years to finally see this and I couldn’t really wrap my head around the fact I was actually seeing it finally

You can read what I thought under the cut, it’s not really spoilery but mentions a few details. Feel free to discuss if you to have had the chance to see it or you can join the forum and do so there as well!

I can honestly say I have never watched Star Trek in my life, unless it was brief and even at that I barely had much knowledge of any of the series’s interesting facts and legacies of which it carried. I think it is a great action flick and it doesn’t move to fast or to slow to explain the story at hand. The dynamic between Chris and Zachary as Kirk and Spock was wonderful. Their chemistry was definitely noticeable and they were great on screen together but even more so when apart. What I really did not expect was the comedy throughout the movie, more so with Kirk. I hadn’t expected the film to produce much comedic humor than a few sprinkles but I was wrong. It not only made you laugh, jump due to the sudden people and or objects jumping on the screen suddenly and a result of the masterful sound effects and music. I underestimated the beginning and was truly shocked when I found myself so wrapped in up in intensity of all the events occurring that I actually cried briefly when George Kirk so bravely sacrificed his life to save the lives of everyone else. I can put most of that emotional pull on Jennifer Morrison as she has always managed to convey the emotion directly to whomever is watching and really cause you to truly feel. So all elements combined it was a bittersweet beginning to what I believe is another amazing and larger than life series of movies.

Chris done a amazing job and I don’t believe that word truly suffices how great he was in his role. I honestly believe this is just the beginning. Dear World, meet Chris Pine. 😀

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4 Comments to "I just saw Star Trek and.."
  1. Cu says:

    I agree with you Carol, the movie is great, even better than what I expected, and the interpretation of the main characters: stunning! This is only the beginning of a new Star Trek saga…

  2. Sarah says:

    I grew up watching all of the Star Trek series, thanks to my dad. I saw Star Trek when it opened on Thursday night…and in my opinion, it’s by far the best Star Trek movie to date. Everyone in this movie did an excellent job portraying their characters!! =]

  3. Kenzie says:

    I SO agree with you! this movie was great and it did feel like I’ve been waiting a year for it, and I just saw it twice. Still good the second time!!
    I hope that there will be a second one

  4. Steph says:

    I totally agree. I saw the movie on Friday and it was just awesome. I was never a fan of the whole Star Trek franchise, but this movie is great. I’ll admit, I mostly saw it for Chris, Zach and Simon, but I loved it. I’m even going to go see it again, but this time in IMAX. =) I hope there’s a sequel!