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May 11, 2009

I’ve added 115 captures of Chris from the UK’s MTV One channel special “Star Trek: Making the Movie” – You can watch the entire 20 minute video below 😉

Gallery Link: Television Shows > MTV one: Star Trek Making the Movie

For some reason when I upload videos it really messes with the quality so I’m working with my media host to figure out that issue so if I can get it solved I’ll re-upload so it will be better quality.

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1 Comment to "MTV One: Star Trek Making the Movie video and captures!"
  1. Krasaci says:

    Really great video, i love the movie too and i think Zac was right : ‘J.J is awesome’! Lost and now this amazing movie… If you haven’t seen Star Trek yet go to the nearest cinema and enjoy it. It deserves to be seen in a really big screen and you won’t have time to blink. Good luck with it, really worth it.