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July 01, 2009

We can’t say it enough: Don’t tempt fate by giving your movie an name that could come back to bite it.

The Denzel Washington movie “Unstoppable” has been, yes, stopped, according to the trades.

Fox is claiming budget issues have stalled production on the movie, which was still in the conceptual stages. Washington and “Star Trek” star Chris Pine were attached as a veteran engineer and his protege, respectively, who are tasked with stopping a runaway train full of toxic chemicals.

That concept, plus the presumably high costs of the movie’s stars, apparently raised red flags at the Fox accounting department. The studio claims it’s working to get the film back on track for less cash.


AN: I had just recently confirmed with Chris’s publicist that he was indeed in negotiations for the movie.

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2 Comments to "Chris Pine & Denzel Washington’s ‘Unstoppable’ stopped"
  1. Tenika says:

    That sucks. I wonder what movie Chris will pick now? I really want him to do something good. I don’t want people to only think of him as Captain Kirk.
    Ha! I’m talking like I’m his mother lol

  2. Susieqla says:

    Yeah, truly bites…oh, well, I’ve got my eyes peeled for his next feature. All the best, Chris!