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August 08, 2009

Hey guys! I wanted to apologize for no updates the past week. I’ve been busy, as you can all assume 😉 but also my birthday is this Sunday and I’ve been out with friends and going to others birthday parties etc. So what time I have had to post I’m too exhausted or sadly it’s storming and when it storms I don’t take the chance of my computer being electrocuted ( again ) so I always turn it off.

Anyhow I’ll have updates sometime next week, I promise! You can expect “The Guardian” captures and hopefully if all goes right video too. Video from Chris’s brief role on “Six Feet Under” as well as Bottle Shock movie captures once I have the chance to cap the movie.

Also! Anyone watching the Teen Choice Awards this Monday if perhaps you can catch Chris if he happens to pop up or actually win that would be amazing. I won’t have the opportunity to watch it myself as I have prior engagements that night.

Thanks for being so amazing and patient.

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4 Comments to "Why is there no updates?"
  1. Tenika says:

    Happy birthday Carol!

  2. kelsrealm says:

    Happy Birthday Carol! I’ll record the show and capture vid for you if someone else doesn’t beat me to the punch. 🙂

  3. Steph says:

    Aww, that’s ok, Carol! Hope you had a good weekend! =)

  4. Alexandra says:

    hope u had a good birthday!