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September 12, 2009

It seems Paramount has changed the original design of the soon to be released Star Trek DVD set for November 17th, which now features Chris solely by himself.

What do you think about the new cover?

Click image for full resolution.


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4 Comments to "New Package Art for Star Trek DVD Release"
  1. Meimi132 says:

    Now THAT is one helluva dvd cover. Pity it seems to be only for the Blueray version…

  2. Meimi132 says:

    Ok… only for the region 1 dvds… that sucks ass… Might have to import it if the UK cover doesnt change… it should do… hasnt changed the image yet anyhow…

  3. Jennifer says:

    Honestly, not digging it. The entire cast should be on the cover or none at all. It’s an ensemble film; the cover should protray that.

  4. Brandon says:

    I really think that more of the cast should be added to the cover, but it’s not too bad with Pine in the center of attraction…