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September 12, 2009

I have found & collected some fairly good reviews for ‘Carriers’. You’ll find that, no, they are not praising but this film wasn’t even expected to see theater time from my knowledge until Chris’s big success in ‘Star Trek’ this past summer. I do have to say I’m pleased with the overall reviews and ratings I’ve read for ‘Carriers’, as none are insulting or ridiculing, merely a breakdown of the plot and comments on the story which the movie and the characters are trying to tell.

All four actors do a fine job fleshing out their roles, with Pine demonstrating a less appealing side of the cockiness he brought to James T. Kirk and well-matched with the spunky Perabo.

You can read the full review here @

Actually, the only bad thing about “Carriers” is its trailer, which gives moviegoers the false impression that the feature film may evolve into a zombie flick. By no stretch of the imagination does this movie belong to the horror genre. Rather, it is a methodical thriller about the humanity’s response to its own demise. And, as the movie suggests, that is the most terrifying monster of all.

You can read the full review here @ Phoenix Movie Examiner

Now, contrary to what the trailer, ad campaign, and net buzz would lead you to believe, Carriers is not a zombie movie. Yes, there is a viral epidemic and yes, it wipes out most of the human race. But rather than turning those infected into violent, mindless, flesh-eating ghouls, it simply brings them a slow and painful death. And in a way, this helps the film.

You can read the full review here @ Pittsburgh Horror Movie Examiner

Chris Pine carries the film for much of its length. As the group’s de facto leader, his character Brian is a charming prick who does anything necessary to keep himself and his brother alive. The group’s motto, “the sick are already dead,” leads this film into morally ambiguous territory and forces the characters to make difficult decisions. In this world, if the disease doesn’t get you, the survivors might.

You can read the full review here @

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