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November 28, 2009

Before STAR TREK made him one of the hottest young stars currently in demand, Chris Pine was working steadily on a bunch of smaller projects. Now that our new Captain Kirk has piloted the Enterprise and its crew into the critical and popular stratosphere, any project with the name “Chris Pine” attached is going to get a lot of buzz – even if it’s just an independent flick that not a lot of people have heard of.

A few months ago, that film was CARRIERS, Alex and David Pastor’s deadly virus flick, starring Pine. While CARRIERS didn’t break any box office records (heck, it was only in theaters for a week), it still got a bunch of buzz just from Pine’s name alone. The next example of the Pine-effect could very well be SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, a little indie from first-time feature writer and director Ryan Craig. The film, slated for release sometime in 2010, stars Pine as a country singer-songwriter with a bit of a conflict on his hands.

Hit the jump to see the full poster for SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, and to learn a bit more about Pine’s next release.

click the poster for the full resolution!

The poster for SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT is mining Hallmark movie-of-the-week territory, but putting Pine’s face and name at the forefront at least show that the marketing team behind the film understand what’s probably going to be the biggest draw for the indie. Chris Pine! OMG! Singing! Guitar-playing! I can’t mock, I’ll be there.

The film’s IMDb page gives the synopsis for the film as such:

“Just days before leaving for Nashville, Rhett Ryan (Pine) discovers that the desire to follow his dream conflicts with his desire to be with the woman he loves. While Samantha (Bre Blair) does love the singer-songwriter, she starts to realize what’s best for her daughter and their future may not be what’s best for him. Tommy Carson (Shawn Christian) works around the clock to keep the peace in Prospect, but Donny (John Hawkes), who is on a downward spiral, makes this even more difficult for the deputy. And Les (Adam Hendershott) just wants to fit in with his big brother’s friends, but his overbearing mother desperately wants him to stand out. The subtle interconnections of these character’s lives will bring them all closer together, culminating in Rhett’s final performance.”

Since this is Craig’s first feature, I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that I am looking forward to seeing Pine in a small, character-driven flick. After seeing him not only kick butt in STAR TREK, but burning up the small stage in “Farragut North” this past summer, I have no doubt that Pine is just getting started.

And, for more on SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT, be sure to check out the film’s website HERE, which promises to be adding more content as time goes on.


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5 Comments to "NEWS: First look at “Small Town Saturday Night”"
  1. fran says:

    I love U chris so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alexandra says:

    i just hope this movie doesn’t turn out like carriers did… only showing in some cities and then for just a week.

  3. Carol says:

    It does suck but Alexandra I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Considering much like Carriers, a Small Town Saturday Night was filming about 2-3 years ago and it’s still a indie film no matter how you spin it and the hard truth is that it is only seeing the light of day most likely due to Chris’s “Star Trek” fame in hopes it can actually be noticed, by everyone other than the ones who usually pay attention to these little films.

  4. Salvia says:

    We love you!!!

  5. Salvia says:

    Just look at those PERFECT WHITE TEETH!