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January 06, 2010

Chris was reportedly “Caught in the act” this week by

In the mood for a healthy meal, Kirsten Dunst stopped into L.A.’s M Café with friends. The actress ordered the California club sandwich, which features tempeh “bacon,” and also ordered a side of kale and spicy peanut sauce – all washed down with a green lemonade infused with kale. The same day, Chris Pine stopped in solo, and ordered a teriyaki bowl with black cod and extra brown rice.

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1 Comment to "Spotted: Chris seen at L.A.’s M Café"
  1. Arlene says:

    Just moved down to Hollywood to persue my acting career 100% and its crazy to think that people like Chris Pine and Kirsten Dunst eat at restaurants down the street from me. Im just so used to being detatched and the closest I get is reading about them in magazines, not being a block away. I still finding it pretty cool. 🙂