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January 05, 2010

According to Hollywood Outbreak, supposedly Chris is set to co-star in another film called ‘Kill Your Darlings’. I myself have not heard anything about this and since it’s the first I’ve heard I would definitely say take this with a grain of salt! 😉

It’s been reported that up-and-coming Brit star BEN WHISHAW will be joined by CHRIS PINE and JESSE EISENBERG as LUCIEN CARR, JACK KEROUAC and ALLEN GINSBERG in KILL YOUR DARLINGS, a ‘noir-ish’ telling of a murder that took place during the 50’s hey-day of the “beat generation”. We spoke with WHISHAW recently and he talked about the film and how reports of it’s actually happening might have been a bit premature

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1 Comment to "Chris to star in up-coming film, ‘Kill Your Darlings’?"
  1. Alexandra says:

    i actually heard that it’s not chris pine but chris evans (the human torch in fantastic four movies). so we’ll see whether or not any of this is true. who knows…