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July 09, 2010

Steve Weintraub of Recently caught up with with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to talk about his upcoming action thriller Salt, whom also will produce Chris’s upcoming Jack Ryan project ‘Moscow’. Here is what he had to say:

Finally, I asked him what projects are bubbling up to the surface and he said the next Jack Ryan movie, Moscow, that Chris Pine is attached to and The Associate – which is a John Grisham book that Shia Labeouf’s attached to. When I asked how the script was for the Jack Ryan movie, he said they had a great one and he is hoping to start shooting late winter/early spring.

Do you mind me asking what’s bubbling up what’s bubbling to the surface right now for you?

Lorenzo: Well, we’re hoping to get Jack Ryan off the ground with Chris Pine and that’s really exciting. And this movie called The Associate which is a John Grisham book that Shia Labeouf’s attached to. We’re hoping to get that off the ground shortly, too.

SW: I spoke to somebody about the Jack Ryan project and the last time I spoke it was I think I want to say it was somehow tied to Moscow? Am I wrong about that?

Lorenzo: It’s called Moscow.

That’s right. So I guess, do you guys have a script? Or just figuring out his….

Lorenzo: We have a very good script. I think it’s…I’m very happy with where we are today and we’re looking forward to…maybe with a little luck starting next late winter/early spring.

Oh this year or early next year?

Lorenzo: Of early next year, yeah.

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1 Comment to "Jack Ryan Film ‘Moscow’ to start filming soon, hopefully."
  1. s@n says:

    Yeah ! Finally great news, I’m waiting for!